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Office of the Dean

H. Austin Booth (Dean, Division of Libraries)

  • Communications - Courtney Hirsch (Director, Communications)
  • Facilities - Shawn Jacobus (Assistant Director, Facilities)
  • NYU-TV and Television Center - Toni Urbano (Sr. Director Creative Strategy, Branding, and NYU-TV)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation and Conservation

Laura McCann (Director of Preservation)

Budget and Finance

Steven Tannutjahya (Director of Budget and Finance)

  • Budget Administration - Jamie Cavallo (Assistant Director, Budget and Finance)

Collections and Content Strategy (CCS)

Kristina Rose (Associate Dean for Collections and Content Strategy)

  • Access, Delivery and Resource Sharing Services (ADRSS) - Rachel Pisciotta (Head, Access, Delivery, and Resource Sharing Services)
    • Circulation - Pablo Perez (Circulation Services Manager)
    • Delivery and Resource Sharing Services - Chantal Brock (Resource Sharing Delivery Services Supervisor)
  • Avery Fisher Center (AFC) - Alex Kennedy-Grant (Head of Avery Fisher Center)

  • Collection Development - William Maltarich (Head, Collection Development)
    • Stacks - Alysa Hornick (Operations Manager for Print Collections)

Human Resources

  • Talent Management and Development - Katie O’Brien (Associate Director for Human Resources)
  • Employee Experience, Systems and Services - Vacant (HR Manager, Employee Experience, Systems and Services)

Knowledge Access and Resource Management Services (KARMS)

Nina Servizzi (Associate Dean for KARMS)

  • Archival Collections Management (ACM) - Weatherly Stephan (Head, Archival Collections Management)
    • Accessioning - Rachel Searcy (Accessioning Archivist)
      • Arrangement and Description - Anna McCormick (Librarian for Archival Arrangement and Description)
  • Data Analysis and Integration (DAI) - Ahmad Arshad (Senior Manager, Data Analysis and Integration)

  • Knowledge Access - Charlene Chou (Head, Knowledge Access)
    • Metadata Production and Management - Yasha Razizadeh (Supervisor, Metadata Production and Management)
    • Metadata Strategy - Alex Whelan (Metadata Strategist)
    • Specialized Cataloging - Gioia Stevens (Librarian for Specialized Cataloging)
    • Non-Roman Scripts Team - Charlene Chou (Head, Knowledge Access)

  • Resource Management - Gregory Ferguson (Head, Resource Management)

Library Information Technology Services

David Millman (Associate Dean for Technology and Chief Information Officer)

  • Application Architecture and Development - Eric Griffis (Manager, Application Architecture and Development)

  • Digital Library Technology Services (DLTS)
    • Digital Library Infrastructure - Carol Kassel (Director of Digital Library Technology Services)
      • DevOps Team - Ekaterina Pechekhonova (Sr. DevOps Engineer)
    • Digital Collections - Deb Verhoff (Digital Collections Manager)
  • Endpoint Computing - Oscar Yong (Manager, Endpoint Computing Services)

  • Library Systems - Ryan Di Francesco (Systems Manager)

NYU Press

Ellen Chodosh (Director, NYU Press)

  • Business Department - Joanne Ferenczi (Director, Business and Finance)
  • Editorial - Eric Zinner (Associate Director, and Editor-In-Chief)
  • Library of Arabic Literature - Chip Rossetti (Editorial Director, Library of Arabic Literature)
  • Production and Design - Martin Coleman (Editing Design and Production Manager
  • Sales and Marketing - Mary Beth Jarrad (Marketing and Sales Director)

Research and Research Services (RRS)

Scott Collard (Associate Dean for Research and Research Services)

Scholarly Communications and Information Policy

April Hathcock (Director of Scholarly Communications and Information Policy and Faculty Affairs Coordinator)

Special Collections

Charlotte Priddle (Director of NYU Special Collections)

  • University Archives - Janet Bunde (University Archivist)

Teaching, Learning, and Engagement

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz (Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning and Engagement)

UX, Content, and Research

Lisa Gayhart (Director of User Experience)