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The One Time Acquisitions Unit provides support to NYU libraries in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai for the acquisition, receiving, and processing of books, ebook firm orders, scores, audiovisual recordings, and other one-time acquisitions.


We collaborate closely with the Collection Development Department and library liaisons to manage the acquisition process effectively. This includes requisition handling through the University’s procurement system, iBuy, and direct ordering of materials from vendors. Furthermore, our team is responsible for maintaining acquisitions records, which involve Purchase Orders for approval plans, firm orders, and standing orders within the Library’s Integrated Library System (ILS).


The One Time Acquisitions Unit manages various tasks such as receipt of shipments, payment processing oversight, tracking of unfulfilled orders, and submission of payment requests to Accounts Payable. We work closely with the Payments Unit and the Budget Office to ensure timely and accurate processing of vendor invoices.

Physical Processing

The One Time Acquisitions Unit plays a pivotal role in various tasks, encompassing placing new orders, submitting requisitions, receiving library shipments, managing payment processing, tracking unfulfilled orders, and performing copy cataloging. We maintain a close collaboration with the Metadata Production & Management team, Payments unit, and the Budget Office to ensure the prompt and accurate processing of library materials.


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