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Defining UX

User experience refers to the full experience of navigating, using and interacting with a service, space, system or product. Users refer to any person who is participating in the experience and they can be internal or external members of the community.

What We Do

We focus on creating a high quality, consistent, and robust library experience designed to best support user needs, expectations, and behaviors. We work with staff, students and faculty within the NYU community to make experiences easier to navigate and understand. Experiences can be digital, like using the library website, or physical like navigating through the library stacks. We welcome feedback, which can be shared with us via email at

Our Services

  • Accessibility
    • We collaborate with staff and users to improve access to the library in areas of evidenced need.
    • We are committed to building a culture of accessibility through identifying, investigating gaps in accessibility, and integrating the solutions we come up with.
  • Content Strategy and Information Architecture
    • We will work with you to ensure content is user-focused, maintained, and on brand. We will support you with ensuring the content is in order and makes sense to users engaging with it.
    • We can advise on content decisions for web pages, feedback forms, LibGuides and other web presences.
  • User Feedback and Research
    • We identify, investigate, and remediate gaps and pain points in the library service ecosystem (online and in-person) through various research methods to ensure a broad understanding of campus-wide needs.
    • We collaborate directly with users, service providers, and product owners to architect, build, and test solutions.
  • Service Design
    • We solve problems across the Libraries with solutions that rethink the way a service is conceptualized, functioning, and communicated to users.
    • Our service design projects are accomplished through cross-functional collaboration with several other internal members of the library. For specific examples of our work, refer to our featured service design projects.
  • Project and Product Support
    • We support open, honest, and reciprocal channels of outreach and communications with our user community.
    • We can inform staff workflows, projects, services, and products on how to approach project management.
    • We can advise on identifying which products to use, how to use them, where they fit within the overall library ecosystem and their implications on user experience.

How to Request a Service

Contact us at with some information ready:

  • Description of problem or project
  • Proposed timeline (date for publishing)
  • Link(s) to where you’d like to see the changes

Don’t know which service your project fits within? Review our service catalog for a better understanding of services and deliverables.

Get Help

If you notice web issues/outages, missing, or incorrect information you can report a problem to us.

First Floor Renovations

We are currently cross functionally collaborating with other internal members of the Libraries on first floor renovations of the Bobst Library. Through research like listening sessions with students, we uncovered a need for a greater sense of belonging within the NYU community.

We designed a space that is more accessible, communal and represents our commitment to IDBEA principles (Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, Equity, Access). The new space will be revealed in October 2023!

Reimagining the Division of Libraries Newsletters

We wanted people to feel and see that they are a part of the NYU community by reimagining all of our newsletters.

Through our research, we asked people questions like:

  • Where do members of the NYU community get their information?
  • What is the identity of our current newsletters?
  • How does identity differ within the NYU community?
  • What information is relevant to this group?

With the results of our research, we translated this information into updating branding and segmentation for our various newsletters.