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The Preventive Conservation unit is part of the Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation Department.

Our preventive conservation program works closely with departments across NYU to create and implement policies and procedures that mitigate damage to NYU Libraries collections.


Environmental Monitoring

Our storage spaces have controlled temperature, relative humidity, and light exposure setpoints. We closely monitor and maintain these conditions in collaboration with Facilities and Operations.

Storage and Handling of Collections

We provide appropriate storage solutions for our collections materials and train staff across the Libraries in proper handling techniques.

Integrated Pest Management

We implement preventive measures against pest infestations and carry out monitoring, identification, and treatment of materials affected by mold, insects, and rodent pests.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

We collaborate with colleagues across NYU Libraries to devise policies that reduce risks associated with emergencies and create procedures for emergency response.

Materials Analysis and Testing

We carry out materials testing to ensure that products used for storage do not adversely affect our collections. We also analyze collections materials to gather information regarding their material, manufacture, and condition.


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