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Data Services provides consultations, instruction, and infrastructure for students, researchers, and instructors in their research computing work. Please visit our website to find more information.

Learn Skills for Research

Data Services offers free classes to current members of the NYU community (staff, students, researchers, faculty) to learn a range of quantitative-, qualitative-, survey-, and geographic information systems (GIS)- software, as well as core principles of data and code management and sustainability of research materials.

A schedule of our classes are regularly listed on the library’s calendar. If you are looking to integrate Data Services class into your course, club, or special event, contact us to request a teaching session.

Get Help with Code or Data

We are here to help with a variety of data and code related problems you may encounter in your work, from helping troubleshoot specific errors in your code to finding data to suit your needs and identifying the best practices to help you manage that data while you use it.

For quick answers to questions, contact us on chat or Discord. Feel free to visit us at our Bobst 5th Floor lab for walk-in help as well. For a virtual meeting or more involved help, reach out to us for an appointment.

Access Licensed Software and Data

Data Services purchases and provides access to data and software that can be used by current NYU community members, including ESRI GIS software and licensed data on a variety of sources and topics.

Check out our list of supported software and visit our data finding page to get started with locating helpful resources.

Publish Your Research Materials in a Reusable Way

We advise the NYU community on best practices for managing projects across the entire research lifecycle, including data collection, transformation, storage, management, analysis, and sharing data and software for reproducibility and reuse. We also advise on writing data management plans for grant applications.

Consider our research repository UltraViolet as a home for your research data and code in the long-term, and chat with us by scheduling an appointment about how to ensure your research is reusable.

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