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We are responsible for executing behind-the-scenes requests from departments to shelve, gather, sort, locate, and retrieve books. Stacks also updates and monitors inventory, and prepares books and other materials from NYU Libraries to be sent to our off-site storage facility. We are the frontline of maintaining the collection so that it is easily accessible and useful for our patrons. We make sure everything in the main collection is where it is supposed to be.


From newly acquired materials to recently returned items, we put books where they belong, and locate misplaced or mislabeled books so that they can be found and used again. We are primarily responsible for placing and locating items in the open stacks within Bobst (floors 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) but assist other departments as needed.


We retrieve books on behalf of Circulation, Delivery Services, and other departments. This may include, but is not limited to, new book requests, books that have been identified for special projects, books being placed on reserve, and books that are being moved to other locations.

Stacks does not accept book retrieval requests directly from library users. If you have a specific question about your pending book request, please contact

We are happy to assist with wayfinding if you spot one of us while searching the shelves yourself.


We identify misplaced, mislabeled, miscataloged, and uncataloged books so that they can be reviewed and corrected by appropriate staff.


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