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As an internal services group, we collaborate with other departments in the support of faculty and scholars, to digitize, archive, and publish important content and resources.

Highlighted Projects

Afghanistan Digital Library

Retrieves, restores, and makes available the first 60 years of Afghanistan’s published cultural heritage.

The Ancient World Digital Library (AWDL)

Comprises an interrelated set of initiatives by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World to accelerate and enhance access to the emerging global library of digital publications on the ancient world.

Arabic Collections Online (ACO)

Organized by NYU in partnership with Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, and American University of Beirut, ACO is one of the largest digital collections of out-of-copyright Arabic texts, with new books added each month.

The Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library

A partnership between DLTS and the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics which preserves and makes accessible hundreds of videos documenting the expression of social and political life through performance in the many cultures and political landscapes of the Americas.

Media Commons

An all-electronic scholarly publishing network in the humanities, Media Commons allows scholars to make available a wide range of their work, including published texts, works-in-progress, blogs and other more informal online writing, and other activities that often go unnoticed as forms of scholarly production, such as reviews of other scholars’ work, syllabi, and other teaching resources.

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