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Library Information Technology Services (LITS) provides planning, support, and maintenance of systems and services fundamental to the implementation and operation of information technology in the NYU Division of Libraries. We cultivate expertise to keep pace with emerging technologies and work with our colleagues to create new systems and services to serve our users while maintaining the Libraries’ underlying technology infrastructure. Our staff members develop front-end web interfaces, monitor back-end server systems, liaise with other University IT units and support faculty, student and staff computer needs.

LITS includes the following:

We provide desktop support services to all units of the Division of Libraries faculty and staff and support over 900 computers throughout the Division of Libraries including 400 publicly available computers (classroom computers, loaner laptops, etc.) and 20 public printers in Bobst Library. We also manage the Bobst Library Computer Center located on Bobst Lower Level 1 (LL1).

We empower faculty and scholars in creating, capturing, editing and sharing multimedia (video, audio, text, images) in support of their research, teaching and learning. We also provide expertise, consultation and training on the various tools and services used to support teaching and learning including (NYU Classes, Web Publishing, NYU Stream, Google Apps for Ed, and Instructional Video Modules).

  • Systems

We are responsible for the Division of Libraries server-side infrastructure, managing a fleet of on-premise and cloud-based servers that provide 24x7 global access to electronic library services. The Libraries’ Integrated Library Systems (Aleph/Primo), authentication systems, storage area network (SAN), data warehouse, security monitoring and electronic resources infrastructure are maintained, managed and supported by the Systems staff.

  • Web Services

We provide administrative management and technical support for the Libraries’ website and BobCat, the primary discovery interface for the Libraries’ vast collection of print and electronic resources. We also develop and maintain web-based services and special projects which are, available via NYU Libraries GitHub.