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Bobst Library is open in a limited capacity. Please visit the NYU Return's page for more details.

Welcome to Bobst Library! Our flagship building is a large space, and host to many special collections, study spaces, and services. Use this handy guide to help you find what you’re looking for. And don’t forget, you can always reach out to our staff via Ask a Librarian if you need assistance.

Floor Spaces Services Collections
Lower Level 2 (LL2)
Open study areas
All-access individual study rooms
All-access group study rooms
Graduate-only study rooms
Preservation Department
Leisure Reading Collection
Lower Level 1 (LL1) Open study areas
Mac Lab
PC Labs 1 & 2
Reservable study rooms
Snack Lounge
Adaptive Computing Rooms
Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC)  
Floor 1 Mamdouha S. Bobst Gallery Library Privileges
Circulation & Reserves
Reference Services
Reference Collection
Mezzanine Open study areas Subject Specialist Librarians Core Texts Study Collection
Floor 2 Special Collections Center Special Collections Reading Room NYU Special Collections (appointment only)
Floor 3 Closed for renovation
Floor 4 North Reading Room
Dissertation Writers’ Rooms
Graduate Collaborative Rooms
  A: General Works
B-BS: Ethics; Philosophy; Psychology; Religion
CC-CT: Archaeology; Genealogy & Biography
D-DS: History: Europe; History: Asia
Oversize A-C
Floor 5 Open study areas
Dissertation Writers’ Rooms
Research Commons
Data Services
Digital Studio
Floor 6 Open study areas
North Reading Room
Dissertation Writers’ Rooms
Graduate Collaborative Rooms
  DT-DZ: History: Africa; History: Oceana
E-FC: History: North & South America
G-GN: Geography; Anthropology
H-HA: General Social Sciences; Statistics
Oversize D-HA
Floor 7 Feldstein Immersion Room
Collaborative Media Rooms
Avery Fisher Center for Music & Media M: Music Scores
ML: Music Books & Periodicals
MT: Music Instruction & Study
Floor 8 Open study areas
North Reading Room
Graduate-only study rooms
  HB-HD: Economics
HF Commerce
HG-HJ: Finance
P-PZ: Philology; Linguistics; Classical Languages &
Literature; European Languages, Modern;
Romance Languages; Germanic Languages;
English; Slavic Languages & Literature;
Asian Languages & Literature; Literary Criticism;
Cinema; Theater; Journalism;
Literature: French, Spanish, Italian;
Literature: English; Literature: American
British Parliamentary Papers
Floor 9 Open study areas
Graduate-only study rooms
  HM-HZ: Sociology; Family; Society
J: Political Science; International Relations
K: Law
L-LG: Education
N-NK: Arts & Architecture
QA-QP: Mathmetics; Computer Science; Hard Sciences
R: Medicine
S: Agriculture
T: Technology
U: Military Science
V: Naval Science
Z: Bibliography; Library Science
Floor 10 North Reading Room
Graduate Exchange
Floor 11   Library Human Resources