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Service Update Aug. 31, 2020

Fines Waived & Due Dates Extended

  • We will not block user accounts or report lost materials to the Bursar’s office during this time.
  • You may return items to Bobst, Dibner, IFA or ISAW Library. Please try to return unneeded items as soon as possible.

All due dates for NYU materials, ILL, or E-ZBorrow loans are extended until October 15.

  • Includes AFC, BLCC, Bobst, Brause, Courant, Dibner, IFA, and ISAW materials
  • Need more time? Email us at

If you’re late returning materials you’ve borrowed from the library, you may be subject to overdue fines. The best way to deal with fines is to avoid them in the first place. If you’re concerned about your library account, reach out to us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Fine Rates

The following table includes the most common types of overdue charges and their fine rates. For items that are significantly overdue, they are considered lost, and you’ll be charged a replacement fee in addition to overdue fines.

If an overdue item is… the late fee rate is: but after… you’ll owe a maximum fee of:
General Collection waived if returned 30 days up to $300.00
Recalled item $1.00 / day 20 days up to $175.00
Special Loan (including Journal Loan) $1.00 / day 30 days up to $145.00
Interlibrary Loan & E-ZBorrow $1.00 / day 20 days set by lending library
Leisure Collection waived if returned 30 days up to $300.00
Course Reserve item $2.50 / hour 1 day up to $300.00
Laptops (and peripherals) *see Laptop Loan Terms & Fines    
Uncharged materials left in rented locker or Mobys $5.00 / item 30 days up to $100.00
Damaged material depends on severity of damage N/A up to $300.00

Returned Check Fee: $10.00

Fine Policies

You can check due dates and renew most items from your library account online. Please reach out to the Circulation & Reserves Desk if you are concerned about your account.

We send frequent reminders about due dates and overdue items. Reminders are emailed to your school email address (i.e., your or address). For other borrowers, reminders are emailed to the address you provided when you received your card. In all cases, you are responsible for returning items by the due date regardless of whether the notices were received.

If you do happen to accrue fines, please keep in mind your borrowing privileges will be blocked upon accrual of $5.00 in unpaid fines and fees. If you have lost items, or fines and fees in excess of $100.00, you will be blocked from registering for classes or getting your transcript.

The Libraries may refer your account to a collection agency if you fail to return items or pay fines after a significant period of time.

How to Pay Fines

As of Monday, January 22, Bobst Circulation & Reserves desk will no longer accept cash or be able to provide change. Checks, campus cash, and credit cards will still to be accepted.

You can pay fines on materials loaned from NYU Libraries over the phone +1 212 998 2530 or in-person at the Bobst Library Circulation & Reserves Desk during open hours. All fines, including those incurred at Dibner Library, are paid at Bobst Library. We accept check, campus cash, credit card.

Appealing Fines

Bobst Library You may appeal a fine online for any item checked out at Bobst Library. Please note, we do not guarantee the waiver of any fines.

Dibner Library To appeal a fine for any item checked out at Dibner Library, contact the staff at If emailing from a personal email, include your NetID or N-Number.