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Help us create physical spaces for students to recharge, collaborate, and thrive in Bobst Library.

10th Floor Renovation

Bobst Library is a “third space” for many users—a social setting that is separate and distinct from home and work (or school). This renovation will transform the character of our 10th floor and help us create an inclusive, accessible space for students, faculty, researchers, staff, and alumni to convene, engage, and collaborate. Among other enhancements and improvements, this opportunity will involve transforming the former Tamiment Library & Wagner Labor Archives space on the west side of the building into flexible space for quiet study or group work.

Reading Room Renovations

Our North Reading Rooms are among our most popular, well-known, and heavily utilized spaces in Bobst Library. These rooms offer students and faculty space for quiet research and study, and collaboration with classmates and colleagues—all while capitalizing on the views we enjoy as a cornerstone of Washington Square Park. This fund will prominently demonstrate your support of student success and flourishing at the Libraries.

Research Commons Renovation

The 5th floor Bobst Research Commons supports our students and faculty scholars by bringing together a vibrant set of interrelated services. The Research Commons supports our users throughout their scholarly lifecycle, helping as they delve into their disciplines, find and use the raw materials of research, analyze and visualize data, and publish the outputs of their research. Now in its eighth year, the Research Commons is ready to be refreshed and named to support additional services like larger-scale visualization, AR/VR, and financial data manipulation, while also increasing the capacity for programming, learning, and production within the space.

Multi-Faith Prayer Space

The creation of a 24-hour multi-faith prayer space for NYU students will better support the needs of practicing faith communities at NYU. The Bobst Multi-Faith Prayer Space will be available for individual prayer, reflection, and meditation for students of all faith communities and will increase students’ sense of belonging at NYU.


We foster a vibrant, innovative environment that celebrates the scholar in everyone. Our classrooms provide inclusive, accessible spaces for students to learn, collaborate with each other, and connect with Libraries’ faculty—all in support of students; pursuit of effectively evaluating and using information. This fund will help create welcoming spaces for all users that support their learning with modern digital learning technologies.

Graduate Exchange Expansion

Bobst Library’s 10th floor Graduate Exchange is a dedicated graduate-student space that serves as a destination for graduate students to work together. The Graduate Exchange supports the work of our diverse graduate student body by providing graduate-student only spaces, writable walls, long-duration furniture, ample power, and comfort amenities. An expansion of the space will allow for greater access, more comfortable features, and Libraries-led programs to support our graduate student community.