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Library Usage

Food and Drink

  • Drinks with lids or caps are allowed if appropriate care is taken.

  • You may eat food in the snack lounge upstairs (LC 440). Food is not permitted anywhere else in the library.

Noise Level

Be respectful of your fellow students:

  • Keep your voices down. Sound travels easily throughout the building.

  • Use headphones when listening to audio devices.

  • Put your cell phone on silent mode and take conversations outside.

  • No talking is permitted on the 4th floor unless you are in a study room. The 3rd floor and group study rooms are available for quiet collaborative study.

Personal Belongings

  • Do not leave personal property unattended in the library (even for a short trip to the restroom!).

  • Unattended items left in a study room will be removed to make the room available to others.

  • The library is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Study Rooms

  • For collaborative discussions, you are encouraged to use group study rooms when available.

  • During fall and spring semesters study rooms can be reserved online.

  • During the summer semester study room use is on a first-come, first serve basis.

  • Any single person occupying a study room will be asked to leave when a group is in need of a room.

  • No smoking or vaping.

Snack Lounge

  • Limit your time in the lounge to 30 minutes max.

  • Please clean up after yourself and don’t forget your belongings.

  • Be considerate and keep noise to a minimum.

Multifaith Prayer and Meditation Space

  • Located in room 445D on the 4th floor of 5 Metrotech in Dibner Library Designated for prayer, contemplation, and reflection.

  • Accessible from 7am to 1am during the school year (excluding building closures) to anyone with access to the building. Access to Dibner is not available for the sole purpose of using this space.

  • Chairs, shelving, and mats are available for use.

  • Eating and drinking are not permitted. Please visit the Snack Lounge in LC 440 in Dibner Library on the 4th floor of 5 Metrotech.

Computer Lab

  • The Lab door should be Open at all times.

  • 2 Bloomberg Terminals are available in the lab on a “first come, first serve” basis.

  • Bloomberg terminals are only available to access Bloomberg trading software. Please use any other computer for non-Bloomberg purposes.

Borrowing & Circulation

General Collection

  • NYU students, faculty and staff may borrow circulating materials from the library using a valid NYU ID. See the Access Guide for more information on borrowing privileges.

Special Materials

  • Reference and archival materials such as theses and technical reports are not permitted to leave the Dibner Library. To use the archives, please make an appointment with the archivist.

Technology Borrowing

  • NYU students, faculty and staff may borrow a variety of technology (laptops, calculators, chargers, camera kits, etc.) from the library using a valid NYU ID.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, remain calm and exit the library immediately through the nearest emergency exit. Do not use elevators when evacuating the building.