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Weekly Hours

The reading room is a self-service area located on Lower Level 2 of Bobst Library.
Staff is available to help with machines and locate materials during hours listed above.

Users can:

  • View and scan film and fiche
  • Save scans to flash drive, or email scans yourself

What are microforms?

Microforms are pieces of film that contain reproductions of magazines, journals, and other materials. Because newsprint and other types of paper often decay, microforms are used as a method of preserving content. Microforms come in 3 formats: microfilm (on reels) and microfiche (sheets), and microprint (cards).

Using the Machines

Instructions for using the ScanPro 3000 machines are available from the service desk or online
Using the ScanPro 3000 (PDF with optional download 13.8MB)


  • ScanPro 3000 microform reader/scanner stations (7)