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NYU faculty and teaching assistants are invited to request library instruction for their classes. A librarian will work with you to plan and deliver instruction relevant to your course and student research assignment.

Overview of Library Instruction Service Options

Instruction may be conducted in person in the library or the requestor’s classroom, via Zoom, or using asynchronous materials. Please see our Instruction Request Form for options.

General Library Instruction

Request a general library instruction class

Librarians in the Undergraduate & Instructional Services (UIS) department provide foundational library instruction classes for first and second year undergraduate courses such as:

  • First-year writing
  • New Student Seminar general core courses (e.g., Foundations of Contemporary Culture)
  • First Year Seminar
  • Sophomore Seminar, etc.

Library Instruction classes can help students:

  • Become familiar with library resources, spaces, and assistance to reduce library anxiety
  • Learn research strategies for successful searches throughout the Libraries’ catalog and databases
  • Focus a research topic and develop key search terms
  • Distinguish primary from secondary sources
  • Distinguish between scholarly, popular, and journalistic sources

How a Session Works

  • The library instruction session takes place during your class time, on the date you choose.
  • You may opt to have a librarian visit your class or for your class to visit the library.
  • Request a full 75-minute session, a brief 30-minute session, or opt for a different session length presentation during a portion of your class.
  • If you would like an asynchronous option (e.g., through a Google doc or Brightspace module), you will be contacted by a librarian to conduct a consultation regarding the best way to approach this type of session.

If you teach a Hybrid class, please note the following:

  • Library instruction will be conducted via Zoom
  • Schedule your session on a remote class date versus an in-person class date
  • Synchronous Zoom class works best when all students have access to their own laptop and Zoom session

To ensure a successful library instruction class, faculty are asked to:

  • Submit your request two or more weeks prior to your desired date. Students benefit best from library instruction when they are in the process of working on a research assignment.
  • Provide the syllabus and any specific readings or assignments associated with the class visit.
  • Articulate clear learning objectives with the librarian.
  • Be present at the library class along with your students. If you can’t be there for some reason, please assign a designee or the class will be rescheduled.

Contact us at if you have questions.

Subject-Specific and Specialized Library Instruction

Subject specialist librarians and technologists can provide library instruction classes for advanced undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level courses.

Contact the relevant subject specialist to request a library instruction class.

Workshops, Online Instruction Modules, and Consultations Services


The Libraries offers a calendar of workshops for individual sign-up by students, faculty, and other members of the NYU Community.

Asynchronous Online Instruction

Undergraduate & Instructional Services librarians may also provide asynchronous online instruction modules, and are available to work with faculty to develop purposeful, engaging research assignments.

Librarian Consultations

Undergraduate & Instructional Services or a relevant subject specialist offer consultations for: