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Type Price
Black & White $0.10 per page
Color $0.75 per single-sided page
$1.50 per double-sided page

The Pharos Print Server will work in any location.

Paying for Prints

NYUCard Holders

Students, faculty, administrators, and staff have funds automatically added to their NYU ID cards. See NYU Print Service for more information.

To deposit additional funds use Campus Cash on-line

I Am A… Spring / Fall Summer / Winter
Student in a Degree / Diploma Program $50.00 / 500 (B&W) sheets $25.00 / 200 (B&W) sheets
Faculty, Administrator, Staff Member $5.00 / 50 (B&W) sheets $5.00 / 50 (B&W) sheets


At this time, guest print cards are unavailable until further notice.

Use the free color book scanners as an alternative. Files can be sent via email or saved to an external USB drive, or Google Drive. Guest visitors and alumni can’t print at Dibner Library.

Users with an NYU Visitor Card from a previous trip to Bobst should register the card online to add value. Use the nine-digit number on the bottom of your card as your username to register your account.

Instructions for registering and adding value are available at all Bobst service desks.