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Office of the Dean

H. Austin Booth (Dean, Division of Libraries)

  • Communications - Courtney Hirsch (Director, Communications)
  • Facilities - Shawn Jacobus (Assistant Director, Facilities)
  • NYU-TV & Television Center - Toni Urbano (Sr. Director Creative Strategy, Branding, & NYU-TV)

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation

Laura McCann (Director of Preservation)

Budget & Finance

Steven Tannutjahya (Director of Budget & Finance)

  • Budget Administration - Jamie Cavallo (Assistant Director, Budget & Finance)

Collections & Content Strategy (CCS)

Kristina Rose (Associate Dean for Collections and Content Strategy)

  • Access, Delivery & Resource Sharing Services (ADRSS) - Rachel Pisciotta (Head, Access, Delivery, & Resource Sharing Services)
    • Circulation - Pablo Perez (Circulation Services Manager)
    • Delivery & Resource Sharing Services - Chantal Brock (Resource Sharing Delivery Services Supervisor)
  • Avery Fisher Center (AFC) - Alex Kennedy-Grant (Head of Avery Fisher Center)

  • Collection Development - William Maltarich (Head, Collection Development)
    • Stacks - Alysa Hornick (Operations Manager for Print Collections)

Human Resources

  • Talent Management & Development - Katie O’Brien (Associate Director for Human Resources)
  • Employee Experience, Systems & Services - Vacant (HR Manager, Employee Experience, Systems & Services)

Knowledge, Access & Resource Management Services (KARMS)

Nina Servizzi (Associate Dean for KARMS)

  • Archival Collections Management (ACM) - Weatherly Stephan (Head, Archival Collections Management)
    • Accessioning - Rachel Searcy (Accessioning Archivist)
      • Arrangement & Description - Anna McCormick (Librarian for Archival Arrangement & Description)
  • Data Analysis & Integration (DAI) - Ahmad Arshad (Senior Manager, Data Analysis & Integration)

  • Knowledge Access - Charlene Chou (Head, Knowledge Access)
    • Metadata Production & Management - Yasha Razizadeh (Supervisor, Metadata Production & Management)
    • Metadata Strategy - Alex Whelan (Metadata Strategist)
    • Specialized Cataloging - Gioia Stevens (Librarian for Specialized Cataloging)
    • Non-Roman Scripts Team - Charlene Chou (Head, Knowledge Access)

  • Resource Management - Gregory Ferguson (Head, Resource Management)

Library Information Technology Services

David Millman (Associate Dean for Technology & Chief Information Officer)

  • Application Architecture and Development - Eric Griffis (Manager, Application Architecture and Development)

  • Digital Library Technology Services (DLTS)
    • Digital Library Infrastructure - Carol Kassel (Director of Digital Library Technology Services)
      • DevOps Team - Ekaterina Pechekhonova (Sr. DevOps Engineer)
    • Digital Collections - Deb Verhoff (Digital Collections Manager)
  • Endpoint Computing - Oscar Yong (Manager, Endpoint Computing Services)

  • Library Systems - Ryan Di Francesco (Systems Manager)

NYU Press

Ellen Chodosh (Director, NYU Press)

  • Business Department - Joanne Ferenczi (Director, Business & Finance)
  • Editorial - Eric Zinner (Associate Director, and Editor-In-Chief)
  • Library of Arabic Literature - Chip Rossetti (Editorial Director, Library of Arabic Literature)
  • Production & Design - Martin Coleman (Editing Design & Production Manager
  • Sales & Marketing - Mary Beth Jarrad (Marketing & Sales Director)

Research & Research Services (RRS)

Scott Collard (Associate Dean for Research & Research Services)

Scholarly Communications & Information Policy

April Hathcock (Director of Scholarly Communications & Information Policy and Faculty Affairs Coordinator)

Special Collections

Charlotte Priddle (Director of NYU Special Collections)

  • University Archives - Janet Bunde (University Archivist)

Teaching, Learning, and Engagement

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz (Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning & Engagement)

UX, Content, and Research

Lisa Gayhart (Director of User Experience)