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Diversity is an organizational and a service imperative for NYU Division of Libraries.

  • We commit to building, retaining, and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization
  • We commit to the effective support of a diverse staff
  • We commit to serve a multiplicity of communities and stakeholders
  • We commit to cultivate a sense of belonging for the staff and communities we serve


Diversity refers to the various social identifiers held by individuals and groups. It encompasses all the ways that people are unique. It includes diversity of ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


Inclusion represents:

  • Interpersonal and institutional choices that we make in our everyday interactions and activities
  • The culture, structures, and systems that we create and sustain. These choices reflect how we value the diversity of our staff and the communities that we serve

Inclusion is both an individual and an institutional responsibility

We must each work toward inclusive practices:

  • As individuals through our language and behavior
  • As an Institution through our services, collections, the metadata we create, and the systems we develop

NYU Libraries will work towards inclusive practices through:

  • Staff development, recruitment, and retention
  • Cultivating the self-awareness and empathy needed to value difference in working toward equity in our Libraries and beyond
  • Expanding our services and collections to benefit our various communities

Updated 2019