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Our goal is to document the history of NYUAD through the collection and preservation of archival material, and to provide access to rare and unique primary sources to support, enrich, and augment the research interests of students and faculty.

Collection highlights include:

The Global Shakespeare Collection

Featuring works of Shakespeare translated into over twenty languages, printed as early as the 18th century.

The Arabian Book Collection

Explores the intellectual history of the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia from multiple perspectives and includes rare editions of medieval Arabic poetry, works by early thinkers such as Ibn Sina, and travel narratives from Arab explorers as well as foreigners visiting the region.

The Photobook Collection

Broadly addresses the history of the photography book, with an added focus on the MENASA region.

The NYU Abu Dhabi Capstone Archives

Includes student capstone reports, essays, films, supplementary materials and audiovisual documentation of capstone events.

The Abu Dhabi Film Festival Collection

Features archives related to the festival as well as films shown therein, particularly short and non-commercial films and those created by Emirati and regional filmmakers.