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Name Specialties

Agnew, Michael

Graduate Student Romance Languages Assistant

Email Subject Specialist

Romance Languages

Anderberg, Lindsay

Archivist & User Services Librarian

Email (646) 997-3943 Subject Specialist

Poly Archives & Special Collections

Balogh, Stephen

Data Services Specialist

Email (212) 998-2490 Subject Specialist

Geospatial analysis

Battista, Andrew

Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems Services

Email (212) 992-7312 Subject Specialist

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Public Administration

Beuoy, Melissa

Librarian for Education & Human Development

Email (212) 998-2428 Subject Specialist

Food Studies

Bloom, Pamela

Performing Arts Librarian

Email (212) 998-2618 Subject Specialist

Cinema Studies
Performance Studies

Boss, Katherine

Librarian for Journalism, Media, Culture & Communication

Email (212) 998-2666 Subject Specialist


Bunde, Janet

University Archivist

Email (212) 998-2642 Subject Specialist

New York University Archives

Burak, Guy

Librarian for Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies

Email (212) 992-6459 Subject Specialist

Middle Eastern Studies

Carreno, Angela

Head of Collection Development / Librarian for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Email (212) 998-2606 Subject Specialist

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Coble, Zachary

Head, Digital Scholarship Services

Email (212) 992-6253 Subject Specialist

Digital Humanities
Head of Digital Scholarship

Collard, Scott

Head, Specialized Research Services

Email 212 992 9240 Subject Specialist

Anthropology (Cultural)

Conte, Jill

Librarian for Sociology & Psychology

Email (212) 998-2622 Subject Specialist

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Danielson, Virginia

Director of Library, NYU Abu Dhabi

Email 971 2 628 4489 Subject Specialist

Director of Abu Dhabi Library
Music (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

DeMott, Sarah

Data Services Specialist

Email (212) 992-8109 Subject Specialist

Qualitative analysis

Ehrlich, Evelyn

Head SocHum / Librarian for Hebrew & Judaic Studies

Email (212) 998-2568 Subject Specialist

Hebrew & Judaic Studies

Estes, Alicia

Interim Associate Dean, User Services Outreach & Assessment

Email (212) 998-2605 Subject Specialist

Government Documents: United States & International
Real Estate (REI)
School of Professional Studies Graduate Programs
Sports Management

Frenkel, Matthew

Engineering Librarian

Email (646) 997-3518 Subject Specialist


Hathcock, April

Scholarly Communications Librarian

Email (212) 992-6258 Subject Specialist

Scholarly Communication

Heverly, Walter

Classics, Philosophy and Hellenic Studies Librarian

Email (212) 998-2515 Subject Specialist

Hellenic Studies

Hickey, Daniel

Librarian for Business & Economics

Email Subject Specialist


Hodnett, Daniel

Supervisor, Digital Studio

Email (212) 998-2626 Subject Specialist

Digital Studio

Houlihan, Meggan

Arts Librarian, Coordinator of Library Instruction and Student Programs

Email (971) 2-628-4713 Subject Specialist

Art (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Art History (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

Hughes, Michael

Reference Librarian for Institute of Fine Arts Library and Librarian for NYU Shanghai Collections

Email (212) 998-2457 Subject Specialist

Art and Architecture

Humphrey, Lonya

Reference and Research Librarian for the Social Sciences

Email 971 2 628 4609 Subject Specialist

Political Science (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Social Research and Public Policy (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

Hutchins, Carol

Head, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Library

Email (212) 998-3314 Subject Specialist

Computer Science (Courant)
Mathematics (Courant)

Jacobs, Susan

Health Sciences Librarian

Email (212) 998-2432 Subject Specialist

Medicine (Bobst)

Johnson, Timothy

Head, Tamiment Library & Wagner F. Labor Archives

Email (212) 998-2436 Subject Specialist

Africana Studies
Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives

Katzoff, Beth

Part-Time East Asian Studies Librarian

Email (212) 998-2437 Subject Specialist

East Asian Studies

Lappen, Hope

Life Sciences Librarian

Email 212 992 7304 Subject Specialist

Environmental Studies
Life Sciences
Public Health

Lawrence, Bonnie

Academic Technology Specialist, Quantitative

Email (212) 998 3398 Subject Specialist

Quantitative analysis

Lee, Andrew

Librarian for History & Politics

Email (212) 998-2633 Subject Specialist

European Studies
Iberian Studies
Labor and the Left

Lim, Edward

Reference and Research Services Librarian for Business

Email 86 21 2059 5645 Subject Specialist

Business (NYU Shanghai Library)
Economics (NYU Shanghai Library)

Lindsay, Beth Daniel

Librarian for Access Services and Instruction

Email (971) 2-628-4131 Subject Specialist

History (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Philosophy (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

Lucker, Amy

Head, Institute of Fine Arts Library

Email (212) 992-5908 Subject Specialist

Archaelogy (IFA)
Conservation of Works of Art (IFA)
Fine Arts (IFA)

Magid, Amani

Associate Academic Librarian for the Sciences & Engineering

Email (971) 2-628-5321 Subject Specialist

Biology (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Chemistry (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Computer Science (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Engineering (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Physics (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Psychology (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

Magier, Aruna

Librarian for South Asian Studies

Email (212) 992-7548 Subject Specialist

International Relations
South Asian Studies

Malenitza, Richard

Head Digital Studio, NYU Libraries / Assistant Director Teaching & Learning with Technology, NYU IT

Email (212) 998-3419 Subject Specialist

Head of Digital Studio

Maltarich, William

Librarian for Collection Management

Email (212) 998-2553 Subject Specialist


Mannion, Caitlin

Reference and Research Services Coordinator and Arts and Humanities Librarian

Email 86 21 2059 5631 Subject Specialist

Humanities (NYU Shanghai Library)
Social Sciences (NYU Shanghai Library)

Martin, Nicholas

Librarian for Fales Archival Collection & Reference Services

Email 212 998 2521 Subject Specialist

Fales Library & Special Collections

Maynor, Ashley

Digital Scholarship Librarian

Email 212 992 6274 Subject Specialist

Digital Humanities

McCartin, Marybeth

Instructional Services Librarian

Email (212) 998-2513 Subject Specialist

Undergraduate Education

McKee, Gabriel

Librarian for Collections & Services, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World Library

Email (212) 992--7824 Subject Specialist

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

McNulty, Thomas

Reference Librarian

Email (212) 998-2519 Subject Specialist

Fine Arts (Bobst)
Museum Studies

Mistry, Himanshu

Manager, Data Services

Email (212) 998 2427 Subject Specialist

ArcGIS Online
Esri Story Maps
Geospatial analysis

Moazeni, Sarah

Public Service Librarian

Email (212) 998-2639 Subject Specialist

Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives

Parrott, Justin

Librarian for Acquisitions and Middle East Studies

Email (971) 2-628-4705 Subject Specialist

Arabic (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Language-learning (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Law (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Mathematics (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)
Religion (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

Paul, Gavin

User Services Librarian

Email (646) 997-3527 Subject Specialist

User Services

Perkins, Daniel

Global Services Librarian

Email (212) 992-7311 Subject Specialist

Global Sites

Priddle, Charlotte

Librarian for Printed Books

Email (212) 998-2598 Subject Specialist

Fales Library & Special Collections

Ratzan, David

Head, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World Library

Email (212) 992-7832 Subject Specialist

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

Roylance, Alla

Adjunct Assistant Curator

Email 212 992 9240 Subject Specialist

Russian and Slavic Studies

Rubin, Denis

Senior Academic Technology Specialist, Quantitative Lead

Email (212) 992 9273 Subject Specialist

Quantitative analysis

Russell, Beth

Head, Center for Digital Scholarship and Associate Academic Librarian for the Humanities

Email (971) 2-628-4121 Subject Specialist

Literature and Creative Writing (NYU Abu Dhabi Library)

Smith, Margaret

Physical Sciences Librarian

Email (212) 998-2619 Subject Specialist

History of Science
Mathematics (Bobst)
Technology & Applied Science

St Martin, Scott

Reference Services Supervisor

Email (212) 992-3629 Subject Specialist

School of Professional Studies

Steeves, Victoria

Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility

Email (212) 992-6269 Subject Specialist

Research Data Management

Stoller, Michael

Associate Dean for Collections & Research Services and Medieval & Renaissance Studies Librarian

Email (212) 998-2566 Subject Specialist

International Studies
Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Tannenbaum, Arthur

Reference Librarian for Social Sciences

Email (212) 998-2604 Subject Specialist

Physical Education & Recreation
Social Work

Taylor, Marvin

Head, Special Collections & Fales Library

Email (212) 998-2599 Subject Specialist

Fales Library & Special Collections
Special Collections

Thompson, Michelle

Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Email 212 992 6271 Subject Specialist

ArcGIS Online
Esri Story Maps
Geospatial analysis
Google Earth
Google Fusion Tables

Underwood, Kent

Head, Avery Fisher Center for Music & Media and Music Reference Librarian

Email (212) 998-2523 Subject Specialist


Watson, Amanda

Librarian For English & Comparative Literature

Email (212) 998-2517 Subject Specialist

Comparative Literature

Whatley, Kara

Head, Science & Engineering

Email (646) 997-3164 Subject Specialist

Head of Science and Engineering

Wolf, Nicholas

Research Data Management Librarian

Email 212 992 7308 Subject Specialist

Irish Studies
Research Data Management

Xu, Qinghua

Head of Access Services and STEM Librarian

Email 86 21 2059 5607 Subject Specialist

Chemistry (NYU Shanghai Library)
Physics (NYU Shanghai Library)
Technology & Applied Science (NYU Shanghai Library)

Zhang, Yu

User Services Librarian

Email (646) 997--3345 Subject Specialist

User Services

Zu, Xiaojing

Director of Shanghai Library

Email Subject Specialist

Director of NYU Shanghai Library