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Remote Learning areas in Bobst have been updated for fall 2021.

About Remote Learning Spaces

  • Some seats in these areas have been reserved for students with back-to-back physical/virtual classes.
  • Use the NYU Mobile App managed by the University to check if you have a seat assigned to you by the Registrar.
  • If you have a reservation, choose a seat and use the NYU Mobile App scan feature to check in to the seat
  • Unreserved seats are available for general use, but you must scan the QR code to verify that the seat is open.

Visit NYU’s Scan & Reserve a Space webpage for information about how to use the system.

Remote Learning Space Policies

  • When joining a class, please use headphones and headphone mics to limit distractions to fellow students.
  • Bring your own device and charger
  • Eating is prohibited. You are permitted to lower your mask for a brief moment to sip water or another beverage.

Bobst Remote Learning Spaces

Remote Learning Spaces reservations are for Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm (excluding holidays). Make sure to check the Libraries' building hours when planning your visit.

Those students with assigned reservations will be assigned a seat in one of the following areas:

Lower Level 1 (LL1)

  • LL1-09 (the “Wood Room” next to the eating area)
  • LL1-15 (the open computing area next to the eating area)

    Bobst Lower Level 1 (LL1) Map

    Lower Level 1 (LL1)

Floor 5

  • 501 (Research commons, southwest)
  • 531 (Stacks seating, northeast)
  • 541 (Stacks seating, northwest)

    Bobst Floor 5 Map

    Floor 5