The Bobst Library Computer Center

The Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC) is located on Lower Level 1 (LL1) of Bobst Library. Hours of operation are listed on the library-wide hours.


Anyone with access to Bobst Library may use the BLCC classrooms during open hours, when a class is not in session. Open classroom hours are posted each semester and the weekly class schedule is posted outside each room on a weekly basis.  

NYU students, staff and faculty with current NYU ID may additionally rent BLCC laptops and peripherals at no cost during open desk hours. Please see below for rental terms and conditions.


The BLCC offers a variety of applications for a variety of purposes, including word processing, spreadsheet editing, database management, file transferring, html-xml editing, digital drawing, desktop publishing, OCR (optical character recognition) and image editing. 

To view a detailed list of software available in each lab, click here.

Please call 212-998-2460 for more information.

Computer Classrooms

  • The Macintosh Classroom (The Mac Lab) is designed for use in teaching desktop publishing and graphic communications, to support in depth student research needs and to provide access to specialized software. The classroom has 24 student work stations and nine flatbed scanners.
  • PC Classrooms (PC Lab 1 and PC Lab 2) are designed to support the library's hands on training courses, to support in depth student research needs and to provide access to specialized software. Each classroom has 22 student workstations and nine flatbed scanners. 

To view a detailed list of software available in each lab click here.

Please call 212-998-2460 for more information.

Input and Output Services

The BLCC offers high-quality B/W laser printers and a high quality color printer in the 24 hour area of LL1.  Printing on letter sized paper is available at 10ยข per page.  Work stations with CD/DVD RW +/- capable drives and image and OCR (optical character recognition) scanners are available in the labs during open hours. All computers have USB 2.0 ports, Macs Have Firewire 800.

Laptop Computers & Peripherals

Laptops may be borrowed at no charge by students in NYU degree programs and by NYU Faculty for use in Bobst Library only. Windows and Mac laptops are equipped with Microsoft Office.  Mac Laptops additionally have desktop publishing applications. All laptops have wireless capability throughout the library and can print to the library's printers.

Laptop rentals are available during BLCC desk hours for a three hour time frame, or one hour before closing, whichever comes first.  All new rentals and renewals end two hours before closing.

Networked Printing

Bobst Library users can issue print commands from any of the computers in the Library. Users in the BLCC may retrieve their jobs at any one of the black and white laser printers, or the color printer, located on either side of the BLCC front desk; however, printouts may also be retrieved from printing pick-up stations on the Lower Levels, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Floors. Users can pay for printing using Campus Cash on their NYU ID or purchase a copy card at the value transfer stations located throughout the library.

Adaptive Computing Equipment

For users with special needs, two individual rooms near the BLCC front desk on Lower level 1 offer a variety of adaptive computing equipment at no charge. Please consult Library Services for Students with Disabilities.

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