The Preservation Department oversees the administration of the Library's Disaster Plan Workbook in partnership with the Disaster Preparedness Committee (see list of membership below). Instructions in the workbook provide non-damaging salvage methods for all types of library materials, including a list of supplies needed for each. Consultants, specialists, hardware stores and staff telephone trees are listed in appendices. A full-scale disaster recovery operation is organized in the workbook and designed to make an emergency salvage operation quick and effective.


Note: Emergency procedures for evacuation of the building and for building-related accidents that do not involve library materials should be reported to the NYU Security Division (212/998-2222).




The Libraries' Administration maintains the Departmental Chain of Command for Emergencies telephone numbers. The Preservation Department maintains updated pages for the Disaster Plan Workbook on the Libraries' Wiki. The Department Managers Group members are responsible for keeping a paper copy of the plan at work and at home by downloaded the pages from the Libraries' Wiki. The Preservation Department re-issues affected pages of the Disaster Plan Workbook as needed.


In addition, Preservation Department staff are available to advise on small scale emergencies and supply needs. These should be reported to the department by calling Paula De Stefano, Head, Preservation Department (212/998-2563); or, Laura McCann, Conservation Librarian (212/998-2562). Full-scale disasters involving the closing of the building follow separate procedures invoked by the Dean of Libraries.



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