Commercial Binding Unit



At NYU, commercial binding is employed to extend the longevity of paperback books and damaged hardcover books in need of rebinding. Binding protects the text block of a book against damage.



The Commercial Binding Unit in the Preservation Department processes monographs for binding by a commercial binder. Preservation staff members work with the commercial binder to adhere to nationally recognized Library Binding Institute (LBI) standards to ensure high quality bindings. A stable text block and strong paper are prerequisites to commercial binding. Books with fragile text blocks and weak paper must be treated in the department's Barbara Goldsmith Conservation Laboratory, or processed for reformatting in the department's Reformatting Unit.


NYU has a specific profile with the commercial binder that includes, retaining original sewing when possible, very limited over-sewing, double fan adhesive binding (for books without sewing), and binding cloth must closely match the original color. Weekly shipments ensure that books are processed and made available to patrons as soon as possible. The turn around time averages four to six weeks and rush services are offered for a select number of volumes. Upon return from the binder, a preservation staff person inspects each book to be sure LBI standards have been met.


The Commercial Binding Unit is located in the Preservation Department, Lower Level 2, in the Bobst Library. Contact Paula De Stefano, Head, Preservation Department, for further information: 212/998-2563; or Donna Bradley, Bindery Supervisor: 212/998-2564.


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