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We are creating the libraries of the future. The NYU Libraries are the places where NYU students begin their scholarship and where they gather to research, study, collaborate, and gain hands-on experience using digital technologies. Our learning spaces need to evolve to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. These fundraising priorities—including renovating the first floor of Bobst Library, creating a Research Commons 2.0 on the fifth floor of Bobst, and naming Special Collections spaces—have been developed to help us meet those dynamic needs.

The Bobst Library Public Square

Bobst Library is the front porch of the University and the place where the scholarly endeavors of NYU students begin. Located on the first floor, the Public Square will be a hub of collaboration and innovation; a center for discovery and knowledge creation; and a nexus for community engagement that fosters the exploration of ideas and creative problem-solving. The Public Square will retain the impact of its signature spaces, such as the atrium and the Bobst Gallery, while dramatically improving the student and community experience at NYU. The result will be a reinvigorated library, with The Public Square serving as a focal point for our University community. The following opportunities are available to support the Bobst Library Public Square.

Collaboration Commons (Reference Area/Stacks)

The collaboration commons will be a creative problem-solving community and programming space designed to empower students to imagine and explore ideas that have social, cultural, community, and economic impact. The NYU Libraries will offer a variety of programs, workshops, and services in this space to support students as they work to make a difference in the areas that matter to them the most.

The renovated Bobst Gallery will become a destination event, engagement, and exhibit space.

“Quiet Zone” Sensory Room

The “Quiet Zone” sensory room will be a low stimulation and sensory-free area where community members with alternative sensory needs can find a supportive space.

Prayer and Meditation Room

The Prayer and Meditation Room will be a tranquil space for students, staff, faculty, and community members of all faiths to observe spiritual and religious practices.

Accessibility Upgrades

Accessibility upgrades are needed to make building improvements to serve students, faculty, staff, and community members with disabilities.

Lactation Room

The Bobst Lactation Room will be open to students, faculty, and staff and accessible 24 hours each day

Research Commons 2.0

The fifth-floor Research Commons is an experiential learning space where students learn cutting-edge digital technologies and develop the skills needed in our changing world. Enhancing the spaces, services, and technical capacities of our fifth-floor Research Commons allows us to meet emerging needs in data science, data visualization, research computing, and digital humanities.

Special Collections Center

Opened in January 2019, the newly-remodeled NYU Libraries Special Collections Center was created to provide transformative experiences with primary source materials at the intersection of idealism, activism, and alternative culture.

Special Collections Naming Opportunities

The new Special Collections Center co-locates services for all our special collections—including Fales Library, Tamiment Library, and the University Archives—on the second floor of the Bobst Library. The space provides researchers, for the first time, with the ability to request materials from all three collections and to use materials from those collections together in one place. The third floor of Bobst, currently under renovation, will provide secure, climate-controlled storage for the timeless collections.

As part of our renovation projects, permanent naming recognition provides a unique way for donors to leave a legacy, memorialize a loved one, or honor connections to NYU. Beautiful, prominent rooms and galleries present exciting opportunities to make a lasting impact or honor connections to NYU. Naming opportunities include:

Special Collections Repository

Located on the third floor of the Bobst Library, the Special Collections Repository is currently under renovation. This on-site, state-of-the-art storage area will be a climate-controlled secure facility for the materials housed in our Special Collections.

Special Collections Reading Room

This large, light-filled room at the south end of the second floor is the heart of the Special Collections Center—the place where scholars and researchers encounter the first editions, unique artifacts, rare books, and archival riches of our numerous special collections. From the deep-sea green of the carpeting to the subtle curves of the end walls and acoustic ceiling, this room has been designed for intellectual productivity, sustained focus, and creativity. Floor-to-ceiling windows have southern light exposure, and desks on either side of the main entry provide workspaces to consult with Special Collections curators and staff. The reading room includes a soundproof audiovisual suite and a collaboration room for researchers.

Special Collections Exhibition Galleries

The Special Collections Center has two self-contained exhibition galleries and a large reception area that doubles as gallery space. All three spaces feature rotating exhibitions of Special Collections content. One of the self-contained galleries has been named; the second gallery and the reception area are available for naming.

Special Collections Classroom Suite

Located on the east side of the Special Collections Center, three multimedia classrooms support innovative, technology-enhanced teaching based on special collections content, including papyri, early books, artists’ papers, film, and video.