Electronic Reserves for Language Courses

Access to these sound files is limited to currently enrolled NYU students only. You can listen to these files from your home or residence hall. In Bobst Library, use:

Lessons Instructor

Chinese "Integrated Chinese 2nd ed." Level 1
Lessons Intro. -- Lesson 23
Chinese "Integrated Chinese 2nd ed." Level 2
Workbook 1 - 20
Chinese "Integrated Chinese 2nd ed." Level 2
Textbook Lessons 1- 20; Workbook Lessons 1-20
Chinese "Integrated Chinese 3rd ed." Level 1-4 He
French Contacts "Valette" 7th ed.
French Contacts "Valette" 8th ed.
Italian "Oggi in Italia" 7th ed. Chapters 1-18 Staff
Italian "Oggi in Italia" 8th ed. Lezione preliminare--Lezione 18 Cipani
Portuguese: Falar...Ler...Escrever CD1-CD3 Veloso
Spanish "Puntos de Partida" 7th ed. Not available on Web Staff
Spanish: "Que Tal 7th ed." (audio available free online) Chapters 1-18 Staff
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