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Please use this page to explore current and upcoming faculty hiring opportunities at the NYU Division of Libraries. Apply online.


The Libraries’ top priority since 2019 has been to increase diversity and equity within our own ranks as well as to improve the sense of inclusion and belonging among NYU’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

This work has taken many shapes, including events and exhibits focused on underrepresented groups; the development of inclusive metadata practices; the deployment of increased resources to the acquisition, publishing, and preservation of materials created by marginalized groups; and a transformation of our hiring and advancement practices.

We are committed not only to recruiting a more diverse workforce, but also to the retention of our faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds, and to creating an environment in which those faculty and staff can flourish and advance.

Cluster Hiring Initiative

With this commitment at the forefront of our hiring efforts, NYU Libraries is participating in the NYU Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative to recruit, welcome, and support new library faculty working across the Division on timely themes of social importance, such as Inequality and Anti-racism, Population Health and Health Equity, Open Science and the Public Good, and Urban Environments and Politics.

This cluster-hire approach is one element of a multifaceted strategy for intentional cultural change, and part of a comprehensive effort to support inclusion. We at NYU Libraries consider it our organizational responsibility to ensure that the cluster has opportunities to build community with each other and to engage well with their work. We believe that enhancing our existing processes for onboarding, mentoring, and balance of research and service will contribute substantially to the cluster’s experience and success.

Division of Libraries Clusters & Opportunities

NYU Libraries has proposed five clusters that are composed of positions from multiple Libraries departments, organized around a set of thematic issues that express goals for research, teaching, and practice. These clusters are:

We expect to post positions for the following over the next one-year period, with positions and timelines subject to revision:

Applications and full position descriptions for these roles will be found on the Division of Libraries Career Opportunities page. We welcome applications for these cluster positions.

Building STEM for the Public Good: Cultivating Openness in the Sciences

  • Librarian for STEM Instruction & Engagement. Position filled.
  • Open Scholarship Librarian. Position filled.
  • Librarian for Open Innovation. Posted spring 2022.
  • Metadata Librarian for Science & Geospatial Data. Posting summer/fall 2022.

Centering Underrepresented Voices: Anti-Racist Practices in Libraries & Archives

  • Librarian for African American and Black Diaspora Studies. Position filled.
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Student Success Librarian. Posted spring 2022, no longer accepting applications.
  • Audiovisual Metadata Librarian. Position filled.
  • Community Engagement Librarian and Head of External Engagement. Position filled.

Health and Scientific Literacy, Openness, and Equity

  • Librarian for Health Sciences, Nursing. Posted spring 2022, no longer accepting applications.
  • Librarian for Health Sciences, Allied Health. Posting spring 2022, no longer accepting applications.
  • Librarian for Open Science. Posted spring 2022.

The Politics of Space: Data, the City, and Structures of Inequality

  • Librarian for Education & Human Development. Position filled.
  • Financial & Economic Data Analysis Librarian. Position filled.
  • Data Services Librarian. Posting fall 2022.

Transformative Humanities for All: Building & Sharing the Cultural Record

  • Metadata Librarian for the Humanities. Posting summer/fall 2023.
  • Performing Arts Librarian. Posted spring 2022, no longer accepting applications.