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Service Update:

Departmental Sponsored Access suspended until further notice. Please email for further questions.

NYU Departments may sponsor a non NYU-affiliated researcher or group of researchers for access and/or borrowing privileges at Bobst Library. This program is intended to support researchers with a valid need to use Bobst Library who may not have access in another way.<p>

Access is limited to Bobst Library and does not include off-campus access to the Libraries’ e-resources.

Access and/or borrowing cards are created by Library Privileges within two business days of receipt of a completed Sponsored Borrowing application or a Sponsored Access application for single researcher or group of researchers.

You may fax, email or deliver completed forms in person at Library Privileges.

What is required in order to sponsor someone for library access or borrowing privileges?

If your NYU department wishes to sponsor an individual or group for library access, please consider the following:

  • Is this person known to your department?
  • Does the person have a valid research need?
  • Is Bobst Library the best venue for the person’s research?
  • Is your department willing to vouch for the person’s validity as a researcher and take responsibility for the person’s behavior in the library?

If the answers to all of the above are “yes”, then you may want to sponsor the researcher for access or borrowing at Bobst Library.

For short-term, non-renewable access up to six weeks, please complete the Sponsored Access application for an individual or a group.

For longer-term access, and borrowing privileges, please complete the Sponsored Borrowing application. Both applications require approval by an NYU department head, chair, director or Dean, and the Sponsored Borrower application also requires a departmental chartfield.

What library privileges do Sponsored Access and Borrower cardholders receive?

Sponsored Access and Borrowing cards allow users to visit Bobst Library and use any of the resources, including the Libraries’ e-resources and print collections onsite.

Cardholders may borrow any circulating material at Bobst Library, including audiovisual materials in the Avery Fisher Center.

A Sponsored Borrower may request materials unavailable at Bobst Library from Interlibrary Loan or EZBorrow.

If requested, a Sponsored Borrower may be added to a faculty member’s record as a proxy borrower.

What are the terms of appointment and cost?

Sponsored Access cards are issued for up to six weeks. They are intended for short, one-time access needs, and may be issued to individuals or groups.

Sponsored Borrowers are appointed through the end of an academic term, with the appointment running up to one year. If a Sponsored Borrower needs continued access at the end of the year, a new form should be completed, reappointing them. The department is charged as follows:

Term Fee

  • Fall: $75

  • Spring: $75

  • Summer: $50

  • Full year: $200


Contact the Library Privileges during our scheduled hours at +1 (212) 998-2607.