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Portable Devices, 1574–1998: Notebooks from the NYU Special Collections

April 12 – June 21, 2022
Special Collections Gallery, Bobst Library, 2nd Floor

This exhibition explores ways in which people stored and managed information prior to the computer age. From the vellum-bound recipe book of a seventeenth-century English housewife to the pink notebook of a twentieth-century American diplomat, the examples display a variety of material forms and organizational schemes. Then as now, notebooks were a powerful device for learning, planning, negotiating, managing, cooking, and remembering.

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Sylvia & Sylvia: Black Women Behind the Music

Extended: September 8 – June 19, 2022
Avery Fisher Center for Music & Media, Bobst Library, 7th Floor

The Sylvia & Sylvia exhibition in our Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media pays homage to Sylvia Robinson and Sylvia Rhone—two women whose names are far less known than those of the artists they championed.

Learn more about the Sylvia & Sylvia: Black Women Behind the Music exhibition.

Ceremonial Techne

October 19, 2021 – May 31, 2022
Mamdouha Bobst Gallery, Bobst Library, 1st Floor

Ceremonial practice and rituals play a vital role in our lives: compulsive hand washing during the pandemic, a hushed prayer, vows of matrimony. All involve a participatory element that both consumes the mind and frees it. Ceremonial Techne is NYU Libraries’ inaugural artist-in-residence exhibition, created by xtine burrough and Sabrina Starnaman in collaboration with burrough’s media arts studio, LabSynthE. The exhibition asks the viewer for complete immersion in a world of ceremony and invites participation in the ritual of art.

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Dates: Ongoing
Bobst Library, Atrium

This site-specific, sound-art installation debuted in late 2019 and has been re-launched in the Bobst Library. Composed by Elizabeth Hoffman, the installation drew upon entry data from Bobst turnstiles—anonymized records of the number of persons who entered Bobst each hour on selected dates coinciding with the four lunar quarters of each month.

Learn more about the RETU(R)NINGS sound-art installation.

No Turning Back: Ten Years After Occupy

Dates: Ongoing
Online Exhibition

This exhibition is organized around Occupy Wall Street’s Declaration of the Occupation of New York City and thirteen exhibition themes, both of which point to central issues within the movement. While the Declaration was drafted by the Call to Action Working Group and ratified by the New York City General Assembly (NYCGA) on September 29, 2011, the themes were identified, authored, and presented by the curators of this exhibit.