Datastream Advance 4.0

Datastream Advance provides current and historical time series data on stocks, stock indices, bonds, futures, interest rates, commodities, derivatives, exchange rates, and economic data.
Global coverage in contents. Depending on the series, most market data is available on a daily basis; and most economic data isavailable monthly or quarterly.
Available only in the Business & Documents Reference Center, located on the 6th floor of Bobst Library.
Results easily downloadable to Excel, Word, or PowerPoint Simplified search for data series and datatypes through Navigator Interactive Charting and Help Browse for data series mnemonics search tools in Navigator Excel add-in Datastream-AFO (Advance for Office) for running complex searches directly in Excel Dead bonds data via Datastream Extranet (Authorized users inquire at the Information Desk)
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This Help Guide is based heavily on the Guide produced by Zina Shapiro at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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