The Arch and SFX: Linking Citations and Full Text
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NYU Libraries subscribes to many indexing services ("databases") and over 7,000 electronic journals. But many of the databases only provide bibliographic information such as title, author, etc.-- not the fulltext. In order to provide a "link" between this descriptive information and the 7,000+ electronic journals, NYU Libraries has established an SFX (for "special effects") service.

Citations that are "SFX aware"
This is how it works: databases (such as PsycInfo, Medline, MLA Bibliography) send NYU a bibliographic citation that is "SFX aware." This is also known as an "OpenURL." You know a citation is SFX aware when you see one of these links:

  • (the SFX icon)
  • Link to SFX
  • OpenLink/SFX
Delivering "services" for citations
Clicking on one of these links sends the OpenURL to NYU's SFX server. A new window opens, giving you access to certain "services" available for that citation.

"Services" for bibliographic citations may include:

  • Full text available from [publisher]: provides link directly to fulltext
  • Check holdings: find the call number in BobCat or other library catalog
  • Find articles by the author in Web of Science
  • Complete an ILL request
  • Connect to Ask a Librarian
Databases that are "SFX aware" The following databases from NYU Libraries are "SFX aware":
  • ArticleFirst
  • Biological&Agric Index
  • Biological Abstracts
  • EconLit
  • Education Full Text
  • e-psyche
  • ERIC
  • Food Science and Technology Abstracts
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences
  • Index Film Periodicals
  • Index TV Periodicals
  • Int'l Pol. Sci. Abs.
  • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
  • Library Literature
  • MLA Bibliography
  • PAIS International
  • The Philosopher's Index
  • Polling the Nations
  • PsycINFO
  • Social Services Abstracts
  • Social Work Abstracts
  • Sociological Abstracts
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
More information on SFX and OpenURL
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