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Finding E-books

Find e-books available through Bobst Library by searching BobCat for known items or browse by limiting to the "Full Text Online" facet.

You can also use the E-Books category from the Articles & Databases tab to browse our large e-book collections.

Happy Searching!

Searching Archival Collections

Search the archival collections held at NYU New York by using the finding aid search tool. This tool can search across all of Bobst Library's special collections and archives or you can choose to search a particular repository.

On the home page, under the "Find Resources" tab, click the "Special Collections" link.

Enter your search terms in the"Search Finding Aids" box.

The results show the title of the collection as well as a brief description and the name of the repository that holds the archive. You can find more information by clicking on "Show Occurrences" to check the relevance of your results, as well as limit by the facets in the left hand column.

Click the collection title to view the entire finding aid, including biographical information, scope and content notes, and any restrictions on access. Remember to contact the repository directly to find out information about access and appointment times - different collections may have different opening hours and rules.

Happy searching!

BobCat Results now clustered by book, video, etc.

BobCat's "Books & More" tab gathers multiple editions of the same work into clusters, to make it easier for you to find all the of the versions of a particular work.

We've now improved the clustering by keeping formats separate. For example, if you do a search for Romeo and Juliet, you will see one cluster that contains 45 versions of the book and a separate cluster that contains 7 versions of the movie.

Happy searching!

New Sorting Options in BobCat

Now you can sort your BobCat "Books & More" search results alphabetically by title or author.

After you do your search, look to the upper right corner of your results pane where you will see a "Sort by" menu. Click on the drop-down option and you can "sort by" title, author, popularity, date, or relevance.

Happy searching!

New Way to Search by Title in BobCat

Now there are three options for searching by title in BobCat's "Books & More" tab. You can now search for words that a title "starts with", in addition to searching for words a title "contains", or an "exact phrase".

Please note, when you use the "starts with" search option , do not use the initial articles, e.g., a, the, le, etc., or you will not get any results.

Happy searching!

My Library Account - what can I do in there?

"My library account" allows you to view your account and see what items you have on loan as well as view holds (requested materials), bookings, fines and fees. You can also renew your books from this area.

Upon logging into BobCat, you'll see the "My library account" link in the "My Workspace" area on the right. Select the link to access your account information.

Happy searching!

Save Your Favorite Searches & Create Alerts

To save searches you'll need to sign into BobCat. Once you have signed into BobCat, conduct your search in the Books & More or Reserves tab. You'll then see an option to "Save Query" on the top left of your results list. Next you'll be asked to name your query and choose whether you want BobCat to automatically search again and alert you of results. You'll periodically receive emails containing updated search results.

If you opt not to set up an alert, your search will still be saved in your Workspace and you can choose when to search it again.

Happy Searching!

Saving Your Favorite Databases

Did you know you can make your own saved sets of databases?

The new BobCat interface makes saving databases in your own personalized sets a snap. Just follow these three easy steps:

1. Login to your workspace in the top right corner

2. Use the "Articles & Databases" tab or the "Databases A-Z" tab to locate the database of your choice

3. Click the small information icon, and then click where it says "Save database"

Now, when you click on the "My databases" link on the right you'll see your databases listed. You can create collections for all your different projects and add different databases to each one. You'll also have full "federated searching" (simultaneous searching across the databases) functionality for the databases you save.

Happy Searching!

Federated vs. Native Article Searching

BobCat's Articles & Databases tab is your gateway to finding article literature in your field. Here you will find all the most important databases in a particular subject area, information about each, and a tool that lets you search across multiple databases (known as doing a "federated search").

You should know, however, that there are certain situations where accessing the database individually via its "native interface" may be a better option than using the federated search. Not all databases are available for cross searching (you'll see a grayed-out check box), and federated searches do not give you as much control over your search or access to many of the most powerful features inherent in the databases.

Depending upon your needs, you may want to consider which is best. Here is a short comparison to help you decide:

Federated search:

*Many databases simultaneously

* Allows for simple, Google-like keyword searching

* Few search-refining options

* Good for overall picture, starting out, and casting a wide net

Native interface search:

* Generally only one database at a time

* Allows for powerful Boolean and multiple-field searching

* Many refining options, including limiters, faceting, and more

* Good for deep, advanced searching in a subject area

Happy Searching!

What is GetIt?

Did you know?

GetIt links together various library resources and services to help you get what you need fast.

Click on links that say GetIt within BobCat, or on the grey and red NYU button in our licensed databases, and GetIt will tell you your options for accessing the material.

GetIt will find resources whether online, in print, or any other format, and it will link you to services that provide Interlibrary Loan, give you Delivery Services options, help you manage your bibliography, and even allow you to push records to your phone and email. Be sure to log-in for request and delivery options specific to you.

Lastly, GetIt creates a persistent URL that you can use to get back to the resource.

Happy Searching!

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