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Dibner Library has 20 individual rooms available for use by NYU students. Rooms are available during library open hours.

Room Numbers

  • LC 416 - LC 423
  • LC 425 - LC 429
  • LC 431
  • LC 435 - LC 439

Study Room Policies

Study rooms are a popular service. To help this work well for all students, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Do not eat full meals or messy foods in the study rooms. If you don’t comply, you will be asked to leave. Snacks and covered drinks are only permitted where signage indicates.

  • Silence all mobile devices

  • Rooms cannot be reserved or held by placing personal belongings in them. Materials and personal items left unattended may be removed by library staff.

Weekly Hours


  • Outlets


  • Rolling chairs (1-2)
  • Non-rolling chairs (1-2)
  • Wall-mounted desks (1)