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Floor Spaces Services Collections
Lower Level 1 (LL1) Computer Labs
Open study areas
Reservable Study Rooms
Snack Lounge
Adaptive Computing Rooms
Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC)
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Lower Level II (LLII)
Preservation Department
Leisure Reading Collection
1st floor Mamdouha Bobst Gallery Library Privileges
Circulation & Reserves
Reference Services
B: philosophy, psychology, religion
C: auxiliary sciences of history
D-DS: history
oversize A-C
Mezzanine Open Study Areas Subject Specialist Librarians Study Collection
2nd floor North Reading Room
Digital Library Technology Services  
3rd floor Current Periodicals & Newspapers Fales Library & Special Collections  
4th floor [Dissertation Writers’ Rooms](
Graduate Collaborative Rooms
services A:general, philosophy, psychology,religion
C: auxiliary sciences of history
D-DS: history
oversize A-C
5th floor Media Viewing Area
Dissertation Writers’ Rooms
Research Commons
Open Study Areas
Data Services
Digital Studio
6th floor Dissertation Writers’ Rooms
Graduate Collaborative Rooms
Research Commons
- Open study seating
services DT-DZ: history
E-F: history
G: geography & anthropology
H-HA: social sciences
oversize D-HA
7th floor spaces services M:music
8th floor spaces services P:
British Parliamentary Papers
9th floor spaces services HM-HZ:social sciences
J: political science
K: law
N: fine arts
Q: science
R: medicine
S: agriculture
T: technology
U:military science
V: naval science
Z:bibliography, library science
10th floor - North Reading Room
- Graduate Collaborative Rooms
- Reservable study rooms
- Dissertation Writers’ Rooms
- Common seating
Research Commons
HB-HJ, P      
11th floor spaces Library Human Resources