Computer and Laptop Services

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Where are Bobst Library's Computers?

  • For All Computing Needs
The Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC)
Lower Level 1 (Mac & PC)
  • For Research Needs
All floors have Internet-connected computers; most are located in the 1st Floor Reference Center and 5th Floor
  • For Word, Excel & Powerpoint and Other Productivity Software
    • Lower Levels 1 & 2, floors 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 (Mac & PC)
    • The Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC) - Computer Labs, Lower Level 1.
  • For Advanced Users
The Digital Studio, 5th floor
The Data Service Studio, 5th floor
  • Wireless Computing
Available throughout Bobst Library via NYURoam. For more information about how to connect and use wireless services, visit, the website for NYU's Information Technology Services wireless access.



Can I bring my own laptop, or borrow one at the library?

If you have your own laptop, the Bobst Library and ITS provide Wired Access and Wireless Access to the internet.

Bobst Library and ITS also provide guest wireless network access to affiliated visitors and Friends of Bobst Library. To obtain the credential to access the Bobst Guest Wireless Network (BGWN), users must register their network device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.) on the Bobst Guest Wireless Registration page.   BGWN credentials are reset every Monday morning and users will need to re-register their devices weekly to obtain updated credentials.  

To borrow a Laptop
    • You can check out a laptop (Mac or PC) or peripherals at the Bobst Library Computer Center (BLCC) on LL1 of Bobst.
    • Laptops are wireless enabled. (NYU NET ID required)
    • You may take laptops and peripherals anywhere in the library, but you may not take them out of the building.
    • Laptops and peripherals are loaned out for 3 hours. You may renew one time for another 3 hours.
    • If you return your laptop or peripherals late, fines accrue as follows:
      • Laptops: $5.00 per 15 minutes (33¢ per minute) to a cap of $40.
      • Peripherals: $5.00 per 15 minutes (33¢ per minute) to a cap of $20.
    • MINIMUM FINE IS $5.00.

Can I print wirelessly from my laptop?

You can print wirelessly from your laptop. Click here for the software installer and instructions on how to setup your laptop.

I don't have a wireless laptop; where can I plug into the network?

Network jacks for laptops are located on the following floors. Be sure you have your laptop registered for wired access.

  • LL1 & LL2 - Group Study Rooms
  • 2nd Floor - North West Corner
  • 6th Floor - West Atrium Wall
  • 7th Floor - West Atrium Wall
  • 8th Floor - South East Corner
  • 9th Floor - West Atrium Wall
  • 10th Floor - West Atrium Wall

Who Can Borrow Laptops?

NYU students and faculty with current NYU IDs may borrow a laptop from Bobst.

  • Features of Bobst Library Mac & PC Laptops

    • A network connection/network "drop"
    • AC/electrical power connection and battery connection
    • Software: MS Office, Internet Browsers
    • Wireless capability for use on all floors
  • Laptop Security Cables

    Security cables for personal laptops are available from the Library Computer Center.

Computing Needs

Computers for your research needs:

  • 1st Floor Reference Center
This reference center contains multiple web-enabled PCs with access to BobCat and research databases and e-resources. Printing is available.
  • On Every Floor
You can find computers on every stacks floor in Bobst Library. Some terminals are only for BobCat, while others are web-enabled.

More on the Bobst Library Computer Center

  • Adaptive Computing Equipment

The BLCC has a wide variety of adaptive computing equipment for users with special needs. See Services for Persons with Disabilities for more information.

At the Digital Studio

  • The Digital Studio is NYU's gateway to digital services supporting scholarship and teaching.

At the Data Service Studio

  • The NYU Data Service Studio conveniently locates staff, software, statistical computing, and data collection resources to support NYU research and scholarship.
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