Linking to Articles from Library Databases

From within Blackboard, you can link to many of the articles available through Library databases and online journals.

Using a persistent link is the best way to get to specific content. These are also known as durable links, stable URLs or DOIs (digital object identifiers.)

A tool called SFX provides these durable links. SFX is integrated into the library's online journals and databases, enabling you to generate stable URLs as you conduct your research.

How to use Article Linker to add full-text content to Blackboard


  • 1. Find an electronic article using Library Databases

  • NYU Libraries has access to hundreds of databases, which are electronic indexes to periodicals. Many of the databases also include full-text collections of journal, newspaper, and magazine articles. Some databases are discipline-specific, while others cover a range of subject areas. You may consult the library's Research Guides to find out which databases provide articles in your subject area.
  • Note: If you already have article citations, you may not need to search the databases. You can simply go to Step 2 and enter the citation components into the Article Linker form.

  • 2. Create or find the persistent link to the article using the Article Linker form

  • Not all databases and online journals provide persistent links to the articles contained in them. In these situations, you must create your own persistent link using the Article Linker form:



  • article linker form


  • 3. Use the SFX menu to generate the durable URL to add to Blackboard

  • Click the Search button and you'll be presented with a pop-up window with options for accessing the full-text of the article.


  • SFX box 


You'll see an Advanced tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and select the Save and format this citation go button.


  • advanced


  • 4. Copy the URL provided and paste it into the Blackboard area you'd like the content to be provided.

  • Copy the URL provided in Capture Citation window
  • url
  • Open Blackboard ( > academics tab) and paste the URL into a content area using the Add External Link option.
  • For more details on adding content into Blackboard, see the Manage Content section of the ITS tutorial.
  • external link


  • When your students click on the link, they'll be provided with an SFX menu like the one above. They can then choose a provider of full-text for the article, click the go button, and access the article, often in HTML and PDF.


  • Note: It's helpful to provide instructions for your students on how to use the SFX menu to find the full-text of the article. Cut and paste these instructions inot the Description field under the URL field:

1. Click on the article link
2. An SFX window will popup; your article may be available through multiple
databases; click on Go for any of the databases.


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