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Eliou, Philippos. Hellenike Vivliographia tou 19ou aiona Vivliographiko Ergasteri. Athens, 1997. Bobst Z2309.E45 1997 Oversize

This bibliography consists of two sections; the first documents books and pamphlets, the second, flyers and maps. Several of the titles include publication history (number of editions, reprints, publicity and reception). The bibliography is organized by year. Within each year, the texts are arranged alphabetically by title. In addition to a general index, additional indices are arranged by place of publication, publisher/printer, illustrator, and location.

He Palaiotere Pezographia mas apo tis Arches tes hos ton Proto Pangosmio Polemo. Vagenas, Nasos; Dallas, Giannis; & Kostas Stergiopoulos (general eds.). Athens, 1999. Bobst PA5265.P32 1996 Multivolume set

The third, fourth and fifth volumes (gamma, delta, epsilon) of He Palaiotere Pezographia mas covers the period 1830-1880. These volumes constiute the second part of a twenty-eight volume series on Modern Greek prose from the fifteenth century to the beginnings of the Greek junta in 1967. Twenty-six authors with portraits and complete lists of works are included in addition to a selected bibliography and criticism by contemporary or later authors.

The three subsequent volumes (sigma-tau, zeta, eta) cover the period 1880-1900. Twenty-eight authors are here presented. These volumes are compiled as the previous ones, with a brief introduction, a sample of works and bibliography for each author, a list of complete works, selected criticism and illustrations.

Hellenike Ethnike Vivliographia, 1989-1994. Greek National Bibliography compiled by the National Library of Greece. CD-ROM. Standalone, REF1.
National Documentation Centre (NDC):

You can select from the following searchable databases as part of the Argos Project of the Blegen Library at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens:

  • Hellenic Ph.D. Dissertations
  • NDC's Serials Union Catalog
  • Medical Bibliography -- Hippocrates
  • Social Science Bibliography -- GLAFKA
  • Hellenic Archeological Records -- grArgos
  • Archeological Records -- intArgos
  • Argos--Serials Union Catalog
  • Hellenic School Libraries
  • Hellenic Public Libraries Union Catalog


The two following are the most recently published comprehensive dictionaries of Modern Greek:

  • Lexiko tes Neas Hellenikes Glossa. Athens: Kentro Lexikologias, 1998. Bobst REF1 PA1131.B36 1998
  • Lexico tes Koines Neoellenikes. Thessaloniki: Aristotle University, 1998. Bobst REF1 PA1131.L49 1998

Modern Greek Literature

Beaton, Roderick. An Introduction to Modern Greek Literature. Oxford: Clarendon Press; New York: Oxford University Press, 1999 (2nd ed. exp. and rev.). Bobst PA5225.B43 1999

Dimaras, C. Th. A History of Modern Greek Literature. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1972. Bobst PA5210.D513

Kolias, Helen Dendrinou. Readings in Modern Greek Literature. New Rochelle, NY: Aristide D. Caratzas, 2000. Bobst PA5271 .K64 2000

Philippides, Dia Mary L. Census of Modern Greek Literature: Checklist of English-Language Sources Useful to the Study of Modern Greek Literature (1824-1987). New Haven, CT: Modern Greek Studies Association, 1990. Bobst REF1/Z2294.C8 P46 1990

Includes lists of bibliographical sources, journals, anthologies (prose and poetry), essays (collective works and works by individual authors), works on Greek literary history, and authors and their works.

Polites, Linos. History of Modern Greek Literature. Athens: Morphotiko Hidryma Ethnikes Trapezes, 1998. Bobst PA5210.P619 1998

Modern Greek History

Vermes, Thanos. Historical Dictionary of Greece. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1995. Bobst PA5225.B43 1999

Includes entries for individuals, organizations, place names, and important events. Focus is on the last two centuries of Greek history, including politics, economics, diplomatic relations, culture, and society. Detailed bibliography (pp. 185-243) lists resources in these and related areas.


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