African-American Studies Resources

Arts, Music, Photography, and Theatre

  • PBS: I'll Make Me a World
    Celebrates the achievements of 20th-century African-American writers, dancers, painters, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and other artists.

  • Separate Cinema
    Archive of movie posters, lobby cards, stills, and assorted ephemera of historic black drama.

  • A Great Day in Harlem
    Explores Jazz history through a photograph of Jazz musicians taken by Art Kane in Harlem in August 1958.

  • Library of Congress American Memory
    African-American sheet music from 1850-1920, sound recordings primarily of blues and gospel songs and related documentation.

  • Center for Black Music Research
    Information about the history of black music worldwide such as jazz, gospel, calypso, rhythm & blues, reggae, ragtime, blues, hip-hop, salsa, samba, son, zydeco. Includes bibliographies and sample discographies.

  • Louis Armstrong Online
    Primary materials on Louis Armstrong and information about his archives at Queens College, CUNY.

Biography and Autobiography


  • Library of Congress
    Rare books, government documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, plays, films, and recordings about African-American history & culture. Click Index A-Z and scroll down to “African-American History.”

  • Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
    An index of more than 100 PBS sites related to the African-American experience, including African-American farms and farmers, the African-American press, slavery, and class divisions within the African-American community.

  • National Park Service
    Documents on African-American history including the Underground Railroad, slavery, and military service.

  • The Marcus Garvey Papers Project
    Provides sample documents from each volume of the Marcus Garvey Papers and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers. Work in progress.

  • The Martin Luther King Papers Project
    Primary and secondary research materials about Martin Luther King, Jr. Work in progress.

  • Records of Ship Movement between Africa and the Americas 1817-1843
    Provides access to some raw data and documentation on ship movements between Africa and the Americas from 1817-1843. Includes ship’s port of arrival, data of arrival, type of vessel, tonnage, master’s name, number of guns, number of crew, national flag, number of slaves, port of departure, number of days of voyage, and mortality. For more comprehensive datasets ask for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade database on CD-ROM at the 1st floor reference desk.


Research Centers, Museums, and Libraries

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