Environmental Monitoring



The Preservation Archivist monitors the temperature and relative humidity in special collection storage areas. Dataloggers and hygrothermographs are employed to collect environmental data and recorded data is stored as part of the Library's efforts to achieve a non-damaging environment for their unique and valuable collections. Since 2013, the department has subscribed to eClimate Notebook, a web service provided by the Image Permanence Institute. All temperature and relative humidity data recorded for special collections are uploaded and analyzed through eCNB.




Hygrothermographs and dataloggers are strategically placed in twelve locations, including the British and American sections of Fales Library, Tamiment/Wagner Archives, University Archives, and various locations at the Cooper Square facility.


Weekly and monthly temperature and relative humidity data are gathered and reviewed using the eClimate Note Book® (CNB) website developed by the Image Permanent Institute (IPI). Awareness of temperature and relative humidity conditions allows library and building managers to intercede when environmental control systems are not working effectively.


Information regarding temperature and relative humidity in the areas mentioned above can be obtained for the periods 1988-present by contacting Paula De Stefano, Head, Preservation Department (212/998-2563); or Fletcher Durant, Preservation Archivist (212/998-2518).




Note: monitoring equipment is not used in general collections areas for security reasons.


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