Course Reserves: Help using this tab

FAQ about this tab:

Q: What are Course Reserves?

A: Course Reserves are physical or electronic materials (books, articles, videos, etc.) that faculty members make available through the library. They may be owned by the library or by the instructor or professor who placed them on reserve. Generally, the materials are high-use items with shorter loan periods to accommodate demand.


Q: What is the Course Reserves tab for?

A: This tab allows you to search a subset of BobCat for items in the Course Reserves collection.


Q: When should I use this tab?

A: Use this tab if your instructor or professor has put material on Course Reserves with the Library.


Q: How should I use this tab to search for my course materials?

A: In addition to title, author and call number, you can search for materials in Course Reserves by instructor, course name or course number. (School of Social Work - please search by course name or course number.)


Q: How do I access the material on the results list? 

Q: What do I do if I do not find material which is supposed to be in Course Reserves?

A: If you do not find an item in BobCat which you expected to be in Course Reserves, ask for assistance at the Course Reserves desk or at the AFC. Additions are processed throughout the semester. Perhaps the information about your item has not been entered in the Course Reserves system.


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