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FAQ about this tab:


Q: What are e-journals?

A: E-journals are simply electronic versions of periodicals that publish articles relating to the scholarly work of a field, generally written by the experts in that field. The NYU Library subscribes to electronic versions or journals whenever possible to give library users the ability to use these journals regardless of their physical location via our website. Electronic availability is often dependent upon the year of the journal's publication, with older journals being less likely to be accessible online.


Q: What is the E-Journals A-Z tab for?

A: This page allows you to search for journals to browse, or for a particular citation to a journal article


Q: When should I use this tab?

A: You should use it when you want to find a journal as a whole, so you can look through table of contents or search within it, if available. You should use it when you have a full citation from another source - such as a bibliography, syllabus, or website - and you want to access that exact source.


Q: When should I not use this tab?

A: When you are looking for articles on a topic; this system does not have the ability to discover resources based on keyword.


Q: I have a citation; what parts go where?

A: Citations are made up of a few parts, and inserting the right parts into the right boxes on the form is key. Here is an example:

Using this citation, the fields would be filled out like this:

Journal Title: Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Article Title: Perceived Sleep Quality of Psychiatric Patients
Author Last Name: Niet de
Author First Name:   G.J.
Date: 2008
Volume:   15
Issue: 6
Start Page:   465
End Page: 470


Q: What if I don't have all the information for my article?

A: Put in as much as you have. You may need to then browse within the e-journal to get to your desired content. Please note that many citations do not include the elements "month" and "day," so just enter the year for these


Q: What is this tool searching?

A: it is searching our collection of journals and especially e-journals, though it still doesn't comprehensively capture everything NYU Libraries owns. For a complete picture, also check the "Books & More" tab.


Q: I get a list with many titles when I put my information into the boxes - how do I know which one is correct?

A: Many journals have similar or even identical titles. When possible, verify the journal title with an ISSN number. Try searching the journal within the database Ulrich's to get more information. Look here to learn more about ISSNs.


Q: When I get my search results, I see so many options for electronic versions. Which one should I click on?

A: Many journals exist in multiple packages or have overlapping date coverage. If you get multiple links, it's a good thing! Try one and if it doesn't get you where you want to go, try the next. If you've searched a journal title only (no specific volume, year or issue), be sure to look for the inclusive date information so you know where your content will appear.


Q: What is a DOI and/or a PMID?

A: Both of these numbers are like serial numbers that identify a particular article. If you have a DOI or PMID, it can help get you directly to your content. Click here to learn more about these numbers.  

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