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Faculty and GAs: Use this form to request a library instruction session, which will be tailored to the research assignment and needs of your class.

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Prior to library instruction, students should be introduced to their research assignment and have a possible topic in mind.

Your library instruction session will run 75 minutes unless otherwise requested in the comments field below.

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Library Instruction FAQs

How can I help ensure a successful library class?

  • Make sure students understand their research assignment before coming to the session.
  • Work with the librarian to prepare the session.
  • Actively participate in the session (i.e. interject information, ask questions, encourage students to ask questions).

Where are the classes held?

  • Hands-on classes

    Hands-on classes for groups of 25 and under are held in a computer lab/classroom on LL1 of Bobst Library

  • Lecture & demo classes

    Lecture & demo classes for groups of 26+ are held in a classroom on the 2nd floor of Bobst Library.

  • If you prefer that the session be held in your regular classroom, please note this on the form.

How far in advance should I schedule my session?

At least a week in advance. But the library instruction calendar fills up quickly. To ensure your preferred date, it’s best to request early in the semester (or even before the semester begins).

Do I need to attend the session?

Yes, your presence conveys the value you place on developing strong library research skills. Your students will pick up on this.

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