Psychology Collection Development Policy

Bobst Library, New York University
Scott Collard, Librarian for Psychology, Education, and Linguistics


The collection supports academic programs in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), the School of Education, and the School of Continuing Education.

In addition to an undergraduate program, the Psychology Department (CAS, GSAS) offers Master's degrees in general psychology and concentrations in personnel and community psychology. Ph.D. concentrations include clinical, community, experimental, industrial/organizational, social/personality, developmental, and quantitative methods. In addition, the Department offers postdoctoral programs in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, clinical, and experimental psychology. The Center for Neural Science (GSAS) offers a doctoral program in neural science.

The School of Education offers an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and Master's programs in counseling and guidance and general educational psychology. Ph.D. concentrations include counseling psychology and psychological development. M.A. and Ph.D. concentrations are offered in the psychological foundations of reading. And, both Ph.D. and Psy.D. degrees are offered in school psychology.

In addition the collection supports an undergraduate concentration in psychology in the School of Continuing Education and the Graduate School of Arts and Science's interdisciplinary Neural Science Ph.D. program


  1. Language

    Coverage is largely limited to English-language materials. There is highly selective purchasing in French and German.

  2. Chronological Periods

    Although the Library selectively collects works related to classical theorists and research, in order to support the curriculum and faculty research, the library purchases mainly current material.

Types of Materials

Scholarly serials, monographs, collections of essays, conference proceedings, videos, and electronic resources are collected. Works addressed to a popular, nonscholarly audience are collected on a highly selective basis. Textbooks requested by faculty for specific courses are purchased and put on reserve; otherwise, textbooks are purchased only in special circumstances, such a demonstrated need for purchasing of overview sources on a particular subject, or for reference purposes. Tests are not collected by the library because of copyright concerns. A considerable amount of material in the field of testing, however, including reference materials, some textbooks, and major research studies, is collected in support of the psychology and education collections.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Collection

Current and retrospective holdings of scholarly, English-language, psychology monographs and serials are extensive. NYU Library collections in other social and physical sciences significantly support the curricular and research needs of psychology students and faculty. (See "Other Resources" below.)

The selection of non-print resources is increasing and will require additional attention as the technologies of accession and availability of new resources increase. Among the current resources users can access from within the Library are PsycLIT, Sociofile, ERIC, Biosis, and Medline. Remote access to on-line databases is available to students and faculty through the Dialog database service. In addition, the Library's Psychology World Wide Web Page offers links to various internet resources.

Other Resources

See the following policy statements for descriptions of other relevant Bobst collections: Medical and Health Science (psychiatry, psychoanalysis, physiological psychology, and neuropsychology); Business, and Politics/Public Policy (organizational psychology); Sociology (statistics, social psychology, gender and sex roles, substance abuse), and Education (educational, counseling, family, and child psychology).

The Courant Institute Library collects artificial-intelligence materials that emphasize mathematics. Books and journals in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and neuropsychology are collected by the Medical School Library. The New School Library's resources supplement Bobst holdings in several areas of psychology. Users are referred to the public library for works aimed at a popular audience.

Subjects & Collecting Levels

LC Class Subject ECS CCI
BF 81-108 History C C
BF 181-226, QP 351-499 Physiological C C
BF 231-299 Experimental C D
BF 311-499 Cognition, Perception D
Learning C C
BF 455-463 Psycholinguistics B C
BF 636-637 Applied B
BF 353 Environmental B C
BF408-411 Creativity C C
RC, BF 173 Psychiatry/Psychoanalysis C C
BF 199 Behavioral C D
BF 712-727 Developmental (includes child psychology) C C C
RC 467, BF 173-175 Clinical C D
BF 660-687 Comparative/Animal C C
BF 1001-1347 Parapsychology B A
GN 270-279, BF 698 Cross-cultural B C
BF 89, HA, QA Statistics B C
HF 5548, BF 481, HD 31-58, HM 131 Organizational C C
HM 251-299 Social C D
BF 176 Psychological Tests and Testing (works about) B C
BF 370-395 Memory C D
RA 790 Community Psychology C C
HQ 18-35 Sexual Behavior B C
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