Hospitality, Tourism & Sports Business Collection Development Policy

Bobst Library, New York University
Alicia Estes, Head of Business and Documents Center


Bobst's Hospitality collection supports the curriculum offerings and degree programs of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. The following listing reflects the primary audiences for this collection of resources:

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

  • Hotel and Tourism Management. B.S.
  • Sports Management and Leisure Studies. B.S.
  • Hospitality Industry Studies. M.S.
  • Tourism and Travel Management. M.S.
  • Sports Business. M.S.
  • Graduate Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Industry Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Business
  • Graduate Certificate in Customer Relationship Management
  • Accelerated Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations
  • Accelerated Certificate in Hotel Operations
  • Accelerated Certificate in Sports Operations
  • Certificate in Advanced Meeting and Event Management
  • Certificate in Meeting, Conference, Event Management


  1. Languages

    The materials are almost exclusively English or translations into English.
  2. Geographical Areas

    Emphasis is on both U.S. and International Business. Material with a strictly local emphasis, other than the New York area is not generally acquired.
  3. Chronological Periods

    The emphasis is on twentieth century research. Historical material is selectively acquired.

Types of Materials

Emphasis is on scholarly and statistical materials. Trade journals are also acquired. Works about any aspect of the hospitality, tourism and sports business, i.e., economic, ecological, socio-cultural, public policy are acquired. Textbooks are selectively acquired. Popular materials such as tourist guides are rarely, if ever, acquired. Materials may be acquired in a variety of formats: paper, electronic, microform, video, etc. To facilitate the growing demand for electronic access, electronic resources both bibliographic and statistical are selected over print equivalents, all else being equal. Periodical indexes with a focus specifically on hospitality and tourism are available including, Ebsco's Hospitality and Tourism Index and CABI's Market research reports are available in eresources Mintel,, eMarketer and Global Market Information Databases (GMID). Microfiche collections of a statistical nature, including ASI, SRI and IIS can be searched electronically through the Statistical Universe database. Annual reports and other SEC filings are available in various databases offered by the library from 1994 to the present. Historical annual reports and 10-Ks for companies are available in the library on microfiche.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Collection

The hospitality & tourism program at NYU began in the early 1990s. Despite it's recent history, the library has done an exemplary job bringing the collection to its present level. The collection includes journal titles within the fields of hospitality and tourism research. Due to the Library's long-term support of the curricula for the Stern School of Business the collection is also strong in the areas of domestic and international management and marketing. The Library became a depository site for the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in 2001 and receives all print publications from this organization.

Statistical publications and electronic resources are a special strength of the collection and include the microfiche collections outlined above in Section III. Resources are also available for political and economic analysis of countries.

The library serves as a full depository for UN and International Labour Organization (ILO) publications. Publications of intergovernmental organizations such as the OECD, IMF and World Bank are actively collected. The library is a partial depository of U.S. Government documents. Publications from these collections often provide supporting material for research in hospitality and tourism.

The sports management program is a new area with little scholarly material available. All efforts are being made to collect any relevant information including textbooks and popular resources in order to provide material for use to researchers.

Other Resources

The Jack Brause Real Estate Library of NYU provides supporting material related to hotel and real estate investment, development design and planning.

Subject & Collection Levels

Subject collecting is characterized by levels A-E, with Level A representing the lowest level of buying and level E representing the most intensive buying. (A=basic level, B=study level, MA and undergraduate coursework; C=research level, supporting ongoing research or likely research leading to the PhD; D=Advanced research level, supporting doctoral and post-doctoral research; E=Intensive level, which is to say all available significant works of recorded knowledge are acquired.)

Subject: Collecting Intensity
Existing Current
Geography (G143-520)
Guidebooks for Travelers A A
Travel and Tourism Industry C C
Recreation and Leisure C C
Casinos and Gambling B B
Hotel Employees B B
Tourism and the Arts B C
Dining Room Service A A
TX 901-TX946.5
Hospitality Industry. Hotels,Clubs, Restaurants, etc. B C
Taverns, barrooms, saloons C C
Building operation and housekeeping B C
Additional related subjects below
Management C C
Organizational Behavior C C-D
Marketing C D
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