Business Collection Development Policy

Bobst Library, New York University
Alicia Estes, Head of Business and Social Science/Documents
Mary Jean Pavelsek, Librarian for International Business & Economics


Bobst's Business collection primarily supports the curriculum offerings and research requirements of the graduate and undergraduate divisions of the Stern School of Business, as well as business and management-oriented programs throughout the University. Included in the latter category are Wagner School courses and business focused degree programs in SCPS. Degree programs supported at the Stern School include the B.S., the M.B.A., the M.S. (Accounting; Information Systems; Mathematics/Statistics and Operations Research; and Statistics and Operations Research), and the Ph.D.


  1. Language

    The materials are almost exclusively English or translations into English.

  2. Geographical Areas

    Emphasis is on both U.S. and International Business. Material with a strictly local emphasis, other than the New York area is not generally acquired. The international collection is very strong in the areas of Western Europe and the other industrialized countries. We continue to build the collection to more fully cover the emerging economies of the world.

  3. Chronological Periods

    Although 20th-century material predominates, there are some 19th-century imprints related to specific industries and companies. Pre-1800 business history is collected in response to the expressed interests of the History Department.

Types of Material

Academic monographs and serials form the core of the collection. Trade journals are also acquired. Institute working papers, (other than the Stern School of Business, the Salomon Brothers Center for the Study of Financial Institutions, and the NBER), and textbooks are generally not collected. Legal and corporate tax publications are usually not acquired, but are available at the Law School Library. To facilitate the growing demand for electronic access, we have created the Virtual Business Library to serve the business research needs of the Stern and NYU communities. Electronic resources, both bibliographic and statistical, are actively purchased. Whenever possible, electronic products are selected over print equivalents, all else being equal. We are a full depository for U.N., WTO (World Tourism Organization) and FAO publications, and publications of intergovernmental organizations such as the OECD, IMF, and World Bank are actively collected. The Library is a partial depository of U.S. Government documents, collecting documents which are of academic interest. Microfiche collections of a statistical nature, including ASI, SRI, and IIS are kept and may be searched electronically through the Statistical Universe website. Microfiche sets for Central Bank annual reports, statistical abstracts and population reports of foreign countries are collected. Selected company annual reports and 10-K's on microfiche back to the mid-70's are held, as well as electronic resources providing more recent company and industry financial information.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Our collection provides good support for the University's instructional programs and research needs. We are particularly strong in the areas of marketing, finance, accounting, management, banking, and international business. The international business collection has exceptional coverage of the areas of marketing and finance for the industrialized nations, and efforts are ongoing to ensure more complete representation of emerging economies.

Statistical publications are a special strength of the collection, and include the microfiche collections outlined above. Our electronic statistical resources are considerable; notably Datastream, Bloomberg, EIU Country Data, SourceOECD, and Statistical Universe.

There is an ever increasing demand for online resources with remote access. This is an area with unlimited growth potential, and the Center is meeting that challenge.

Other Resources

NYU's Law School Library is a full European Union depository. Frequent referrals are made to the Jack Brause Information Center at NYU's Real Estate Institute. The New York Public Library's SIBL has an excellent and extensive collection, and is a full U.S. Depository. Additional collections at Bobst Library with relevancy to business are described in the collection policy statements for Economics, Latin American Studies, Western European Studies, and Near Eastern Studies.

Subjects and Collection Levels

Subject collecting is characterized by levels A-E, with Level A representing the lowest level of buying, and level E representing the most intensive buying. (A=basic level; B=study level, MA and undergraduate coursework; C=research level, supporting ongoing research or likely research leading to the Ph.D.; D=Advanced research level, supporting doctoral and post-doctoral research; E=Intensive level, which is to say that all available significant works of recorded knowledge are acquired.)

Collecting Intensity
Existing Current
Business & Society (HD59-60) B B
Regulation B-C B
Business Ethics (HF5387-5391) C C
Management (HD28-HD37) C C
Organizational Behavior (HD38-HD58) C C-D
Applied Management (HF5500) B B
Office Management (HD5546-5547) A A
Information Management (HF5548,T58 B B-C
Personnel Management B B-C
Commerce (HF91-4040) see also Economics C C
Policy Statement
Trade Policy (HF1401-HF2580) C C-D
Marketing (HF5415) C D
International Marketing C D
Retailing (HF5429-5487) B-C B-C
Business Education (HF1101-1181) A A
Occupational Choice (HF5381-5385) A-B A
Accounting (HF5601-5689) B B
Business Mathematics B B
Business Communications (HF5718-HF5733) A A
Advertising (HF5801-6191) C C
Money & Banking (HG201-3915) D D
Corporate Finance (HG4001-4280) D D
Investment (HG4501-5990) D D
Insurance (HG8011-9970) B B
By Industry
Advertising and Public Relations C C
Aerospace A A
Agricultural Equipment A A
Air Transport B B-C
Apparel B B
Auto-Truck B B
Banking, Commercial C C
Banking, Savings and Loan A-B B
Brewing, Distilling and Tobacco B B-C
Broadcasting B B
Building & Construction A A
Chemicals A A
Computers B B
Computer Services B-C B-C
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals B C
Electrical Utilities A-B B
Electronics B B-C
Financial Services C C-D
Food Services C C
Hospitals and Health Care C B-C
Hotels and Tourism C C
Insurance A-B A-B
Machinery, Machine Tool A A
Metals A A
Medical Equipment A A
Natural Gas A A
Office Equipment A A
Petroleum and Oil Service B B
Printing and Publishing A A
Railroads (historic C) A-B A
Real Estate A-B A
Recreation and Leisure
(Entertainment: Movies, Music, etc.)
Retail B-C B-C
Securities B-C D
Telecommunications B-C B
Textiles A A
Tire and Rubber A A
Toiletries and Cosmetics A-B B-C
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