Research Strategies in Classics: Introduction

This tutorial is chiefly aimed at beginning graduate (or advanced undergraduate) students in Classics who are about to write a major research paper. To illustrate this step-by-step approach, I have chosen a topic, Aristotle on the Function of Music in Tragedy, which was a lecture given by Prof. Gregory Sifakis in the Classics department during the Fall of 2000. It seems a particularly useful topic for our purpose since it incorporates several subjects and disciplines -- ancient Greek language and literature, philosophy, music, history, education, and politics -- and therefore offers good practice in doing research.

To illustrate these principles of research, as well as to highlight various sources in Bobst Library, I have chosen to perform actual searches in this tutorial. For general advice on research papers, see (URL:

I have not separated formats. The point is to find pertinent materials, not in which format (print or electronic) they may be found.

This tutorial will mainly describe research at the New York University Libraries although it does describe strategies that can be used in any research library. To do research at NYU's main library, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, requires knowledge both of how the computerized library catalog, BobCat, works, but also some basic knowledge of the organization of materials.

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