International Marketing

There are many sources of information useful to projects in international marketing. The basic sources listed here are meant to provide an idea of the kinds of material available. More specialized publications may exist for particular countries, industries, or topics in international business.

Section 1: Country Information

  • EIU County Reports and Profiles
    Electronic access from 1996-; 1981-1997 on microfiche.
    Quarterly (with monthly updates) and annual overviews and analyses of the economic and political activity in over 180 countries.
  • ISI Emerging Markets
    Financial information, news and business intelligence for 25 emerging countries. Coverage includes company profiles, financial statements and earnings estimates, analyst reports for companies and industries, current and historical market information, economic statistics and forecasts, and current news.
  • OECD Economic Surveys
    Bobst Ref6 IntlDoc UN Documents Collection Aisle 30 and available electronically through SourceOECD
    A good source for in-depth economic and political analysis. Includes short and long term prospects, comparisons from year to year and country to country. One for each of the OECD countries.
  • Country Commercial Guides
    Published annually by the United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, these publications provide an overview and analysis of the economic and political situations in the countries of the world, especially as they affect business and trade with the United States.
  • IMF Staff Country Reports
    Research papers on the international monetary policies and problems of the countries of the world.
  • World Bank Country Information
    Focus is on developing countries, with descriptions of their development progress and detailed reports of key indicators tracing the trends in social and economic development.
  • EIU Country Risk Service
    Measures the political, economic policy, economic structure and liquidity risk of activities in 100 emerging markets over a two-year forecasting horizon. Each report provides crucial insight into the risk of investing in the currency, sovereign debt or banking sector of an emerging market. Covers 100 emerging markets. Update frequency: Monthly.
  • Political Risk Yearbook. East Syracuse, N.Y.: Political Risk Services, 1987-. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Reference Desk
    Multi-volume set analyzing the political and economic situation and outlook for countries and the possible effects on business. 18 month and 5 year forecasts provided with possible scenarios for future government, restrictions on trade and international investment.
  • Europa World Yearbook . London: Europa Publications, 1988-. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6I D2.E85, also Bobst BRef1 D2.E85.
    Two-volume set of country profiles. Text and tables cover demographic, historic, economic and political information. Tables give three years' worth of statistics. Includes a directory for each country listing officials and associations. Europa also publishes other regional yearbooks including Africa South of the Sahara, The Far East and Australasia, The Middle East and North Africa, and South America, Central America and the Caribbean, providing much the same sort of information as the Europa World Year Book. These are kept in Ref1. Check BobCat for individual call numbers.

Section 2: Statistical Sources Worldwide

  • Statistical Universe Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Service.
    Indexing of the statistical publications of many intergovernmental agencies, including the IMF, UN, OECD, World Bank and others.
  • EIU CountryData London: Economist Intelligence Unit. (monthly, quarterly, annual). More than 280 economic series, over 1 million individual data points, from 1980 onwards. The service contains concise summaries of our short-term political and economic forecasts on 181 countries.
  • EIU City Data Contains pricing information on more than 160 products and services in 123 cities worldwide. You can check everything from the cost of a loaf of bread in Adelaide to the average electricity bill of a local family in Zurich.
  • EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts Demographics, consumption, average wages, income levels, market size, infrastructure and the business environment data on 60 key countries worldwide. Contains over 500 series stretching back to 1990 and forward five years.
  • International Financial Statistics Online (from the IMF). The IFS is a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It reports, for most countries of the world, current data needed in the analysis of problems of international payments and of inflation and deflation, i.e., data on exchange rates, international liquidity, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government accounts, and national accounts.
  • Balance of Payments Statistics. Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund. (monthly and annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Desk and Bobst IntlDoc UN Documents, aisle 33, also IIS fiche 3840-S7, 1981-. Yearbook has two volumes. Volume 1 has aggregate and detailed figures by country, with stock data for some countries. Volume 2 has aggregates by category. All amounts for countries are given in SDRs.
  • Balance of Payments Statistics Online
  • Direction of Trade Statistics. Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund. (monthly and annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Desk and Bobst IntlDoc UN Documents, aisle 33, 1980-, also IIS fiche 3840-S1, 1983-.
    Distribution of total exports and imports for countries by trade partners. Regional tables and groupings such as Oil Exporting Countries. All amounts in U.S. dollars.
  • Direction of Trade Statistics Online
  • Global Financial Database 20,000 historical and current data series.
  • Global Insight Provides economic and financial coverage of countries, regions, and industries available from various respected sources. Covers over 200 countries and spans approximately 170 industries.
  • SourceOECD Paris: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
    Statistics including Main Economic Indicators, national accounts, industrial indicators and much more.
  • International Trade Statistics Yearbook. New York: United Nations, Department of International Economic and Social Affairs. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Desk and Bobst IntlDoc UN Documents, aisles 19-20, 1983-.
    Volume 1 by country, volume 2 by commodity. Amounts and values of exports and imports by commodity and country. Uses SITC codes.
  • World Development Report. New York: World Development Bank. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Desk and Bobst IntlDoc UN Documents, HC59.7.W659, 1978-, also IIS fiche 4530-S3, 1978-.
    Not just statistical, text focuses on the financial systems of developing countries. An excellent source of hard-to-find statistics such as income distribution, official development assistance, and total external debt.
  • World Development Indicators Washington, D.C.: World Bank. (annual).
    500 time series indicators for 148 countries and regional and income groups, with basic indicators for a further 62 countries. Time series for most indicators cover 1960 to the present.
  • Global Development Finance
    Provides developments in international lending to developing countries, and external debt tables for over 100 countries. Analysis and commentary is also provided.
  • National Statistical Compendiums of Foreign Governments. CIS: Westport, Conn. (Publisher varies), (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Fiche, usually 1970-, and some print Ref6 current, backfile Bstack.
    Most countries publish annual statistical volumes. Bobst maintains an extensive microfiche collection of these statistical compendiums as well as some print volumes.
  • United Nations Common Database UNCDB provides selected series from numerous specialized international data sources for all available countries and areas.
  • International Statistical Agencies
    A good source for selected statistical information published by the statistical agencies of the countries of the world.

Section 2a: Statistical Sources: Specific Areas

  • China Data Online
    Comprehensive database Web site focusing on economic statistics of China, arranged by regions and categories. Includes monthly and yearly reports on China's macroeconomic development, statistical databases about China's population and economy at the county and city level, and financial indicators of more than 568 industrial branches. Also includes statistical yearbooks, census data, industrial and marketing surveys, and an atlas of China.
  • ISI Emerging Markets
    Financial information, news and business intelligence for 25 emerging countries. Coverage includes company profiles, financial statements and earnings estimates, analyst reports for companies and industries, current and historical market information, economic statistics and forecasts, and current news.
  • Business Monitor Online Provides extensive industry, economic, political, risk, and financial market analysis and data for about 175 countries. Especially useful for emerging economies.
  • PlanEcon Report. Washington, D.C.: PlanEcon Inc., (approximately twice monthly).Bobst Ref6 Desk, Backfile Bstack HC336.25.P424, 1987-.
    In depth reports on the developments in the economies of the Former USSR and Eastern Europe. Each report focuses on a specific country with highlights of the political and economic situations, including monetary policies, debt markets, equity markets, foreign trade, balance of payments, exchange rates and statistical tables.
  • Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean. Santiago, Chile: Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean, United Nations. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 HA 751.A58 UN Documents, aisle 25, 1985-, also IIS microfiche 3230-S2.
  • Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific. Bangkok: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 HA 1665.S73 UN Documents, aisle 25, 1973-1984, 1986- also IIS microfiche 3170-S10.
  • African Statistical Yearbook. Addis Ababa: Economic Commission for Africa, United Nations. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 HA 1995.U5 UN Documents, aisle 25, 1970-, also IIS microfiche 3190-S1.

Section 3: Marketing and Consumer Information: General

  • Global Market Information Database
    Use this database for consumer and product information for the countries of the world. Has excellent product profiles, and forecasts too. IMPORTANT!!! All print Euromonitor publications have been cancelled as of the 1999 editions. As of the year 2000, please consult the Global Marketing Information Database for the same information.
  • International Marketing Data and Statistics. London: Euromonitor Publications. (annual).
    HA42.I56 Bstack. 1977-1978, 1981-1999.
    Please see Global Market Information Database
    Marketing, demographic, and economic information, some with projections. Data on spending, by type of product; also data on retail sales, production, and export and import information.
  • European Marketing Data and Statistics. London: Euromonitor Publications. (annual).
    HA1107.E87 Bstack. 1968-1973, 1975-1999.
    Please see Global Market Information Database
    Similar to International Marketing Data and Statistics, but pertaining to the European countries only.
  • Mintel As a globally recognised market analyst, Mintel produces some 600 reports into European, UK-specific and US consumer markets every year.
  • Market research reports and analysis.
  • eMarketer New York: eMarketer. Data and analysis on e-business, Internet marketing, and technology trends. Includes news, analysis, charts, reports, and information on products, as well as statistics through eStat Database.
  • Consumer Goods Europe. London: Corporate Intelligence on Retailing. (monthly).
    HF5415.12.E8M37 Bstack. 1998-. Former title Marketing in Europe Bstack 1981-1997.
    Provides marketing information for non-UK European Community countries. Products are divided into three major groups: 1) Food, Drink, Tobacco, 2) Clothing, Furniture, Leisure Goods, 3) Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries, Household Goods, Domestic Appliances, each covered four times per year. Index in the back of each issue.
  • Market Europe. East Syracuse, N.Y.: Political Risk Services. (monthly).
    Bobst Ref6I HC240.M265, current only, backfile Bstack. 1990-.
    Monthly newsletter covering product markets, market profiles and recent trends throughout Europe.
  • International Marketing Forecasts.London: Euromonitor.
    HF5410.I58 For more recent information, please see Global Market Information Database
    Forecasts to 2004 for sectors such as food, drinks, tobacco, cleaning products, OTC healthcare, toiletries, clothing, furniture, and more.
  • Latin American Market Planning Report.Miami: Strategy Research Corporation. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6I HC130.C6L38, current only, backfile Bstack. 1998-.
    Country profiles, household size, national, urban and rural buying power, household consumption patterns, marketing infrastructure, education, media, internet usage, etc.
  • Canadian Markets.Toronto, Canada: Financial Post. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6I HC111.A1S91, current only, backfile Bstack. 1986-.
    Buying power indices by province, metropolitan areas,retail sales by product group and more.
  • Market Research Reports Washington, D.C.: National Trade Data Bank and Economic Bulletin Board. U.S. Department of Commerce.
    Excellent sources of information on country consumer markets and products. Great for indentifying key areas of import and export, and general business opportunities.

Section 3a: Marketing and Consumer Information: Retailing

  • Retail Monitor International. London: Euromonitor. (monthly).
    HF5428.R47 1998-. For more current information, please see Global Market Information Database Retailer profiles, retail structures around the world, and retail sector reports.
  • Retail Trade International. London: Euromonitor. (every 3 years?).
    HF5429.R48, 1998-.
    A 5 volume set arranged by country providing an overview, key issues, retail infrastructure, distribution, sales, major retailers, and an outlook.
  • UK Retail Briefing. London: Retail Intelligence. (10 issues per year).
    Bobst Ref6I HF5429.6G7U4, current only, backfile Bstack. 1997-.
    Retail industry reviews by different retail types, retail market analysis with featured sectors, and different key topic coverage in each issue.

Section 3b: Marketing and Consumer Information: Specific Industries

  • Reuters Business Insight Market analysis for technology, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, energy and consumer goods.
  • ISI Emerging Markets aggregates and produces unique content including full-text news articles, financial statements, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information.
    European Business Facts and Figures. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.
    Bobst Ref6 HC241.2.P313, current only, backfile Bstack. 1997-.
    Provides a comprehensive review of the situation and outlook of the manufacturing and service industries in the European Union. Major developments in production, employment, trade and structural changes are covered, with a special industry focus each month.
  • Encyclopedia of Global Industries. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Inc. (biennial).Bobst Ref6 Reference Desk HD2324.E539, current only, backfile Bstack. 1996-.
    Chronicles the development, current status and history of 115 international industries. Includes an overview of each industry, including current economic conditions, research and technology, industry leaders and more.
  • eMarketer Data and analysis on the latest e-business, internet and technology trends.
  • Business Monitor Online Provides extensive industry, economic, political, risk, and financial market analysis and data for about 175 countries. Especially useful for emerging economies.
  • Standard & Poor's NetAdvantange Provides global industry overviews.
  • For other possible industry publications, consult BobCat, or ask at the reference desk.

Section 4: Outlooks and Projections

  • EIU Country Forecast (Regional) Country Forecasts present and explain the Economist Intelligence Unit's five-year macroeconomic projections for 60 of the world's largest economies. They also provide an in-depth medium-term political and policy outlook, as well as forward-looking assessments of the business environment.
  • World Economic Outlook Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund.
    Bobst Ref6 IntlDoc UN Documents Collection, HC59.W645, 1980-. Current on web.
    Semiannual survey summarizing the current world economic situation and the short-term prospects. Charts, tables and a statistical appendix are included.
  • OECD Economic Outlook. Paris: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. (biannual).
    Bobst Ref6 Intl Doc UN Documents Collection, HC59.W645, 1980-. Also available through SourceOECD
    An assessment of economic trends, prospects and policies in OECD countries. Each issue contains an overall analysis of the latest economic trends and short-term projections, and occasional special studies of timely issues. Historical tables provide percentage rates of change to illustrate the fluctuations of main economic variables over a 20-30 year period.
  • European Marketing Forecasts.
    HC240.A1E85 1997-1998.
    See also Global Market Information Database
    Forecasts for socioeconomic parameters, per capita sales and volume for each country by product group.
  • International Marketing Forecasts.London: Euromonitor.
    HF5410.I58 1997-. For more recent information, please see Global Market Information Database
    Forecasts for sectors such as food, drinks, tobacco, cleaning products, OTC healthcare, toiletries, clothing, furniture, and more.
  • Country Forecasts. East Syracuse, NY: PRS. (semiannual).
    Bobst Ref6 Desk HC10.C66, current only, backfile Bstack, 1998-.
    Political, economic, social and business risk forecasts.

Section 5: Guides to Doing Business

  • Doing Business Database The Doing Business Database provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 145 economies. They indicate the regulatory costs of business and can be used to analyze specific regulations that enhance or constrain investment, productivity and growth.
  • Country Commercial Guides. Washington, D.C.: National Trade Data Bank and Economic Bulletin Board, U.S. Department of Commerce.
    Country Commercial Guides
    Series of country reports with useful information for setting up a business or marketing in foreign countries. Overview of primary industries, trade regulations, distribution and sales channels, taxation, licensing and franchising, investment climate, project finance, economic trends and outlooks, leading sectors for U.S. imports and investments, and more.
  • European Policy Analyst London: Economist Intelligence Unit. (quarterly).
    Bobst Ref6I HC241.2.E87, current only, backfile Bstack. 1981-.
    Covers key issues and developments in the European Union and its market, including legislation, competitive policy, external relations and environmental issues affecting the European business environment and how companies can best operate within that environment. Special features may include industry analyses and other issues of note.
  • EIU World Investment Service London: Economist Intelligence Unit. covers the world's 60 largest economies and provides detailed data and analysis on the political and economic background, the business environment, business costs, foreign investment regulations, trends in foreign investment. Plus a detailed database containing flows of investment and mergers & acquisitions by country and by industry.
  • EIU Country Commerce London: Economist Intelligence Unit. A practical reference guide to the specific operating conditions, commercial laws and business regulations in 55 countries. It offers unbiased guidance on critical issues such as obtaining proper permits and registrations, protecting your intellectual property in the Internet age and complying with local tax laws-including e-commerce rules.

Section 6: Importing and Exporting

  • Exporters Encyclopaedia. New York: Dun and Bradstreet International. (annual with biweekly updates).
    Bobst Ref6I HF3011.E9, current only.
    The first stop for exporters. Arranged by country, with information on trade regulations, necessary documentation, taxes, tariffs, standards and ports. Also covers transportation and business travel.
  • Importers Manual USA. Edward C. Hinkelman et al. San Rafael, CA.: World Trade Press, (irregular).
    Bobst Ref6 IntlRef HF3035.I45, current only, backfile Bstack. 1993-.
    Encyclopedia for importing into the U.S. Broken out by products, providing such information as the key factors involved in the importation of the product, customs classifications, duties, entry and documentation, laws and regulations and more. Also included is a country index listing leading U.S. imports from the countries, opportunities, trade fairs and bibliographies. Information on International Law, U.S. Customs Entry, and Packing, Shipping and Insurance is also included.
  • Directory of United States Importers and Directory of United States Exporters. NYC: Journal of Commerce. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 IntlRef HF3010.U552, (importers) and HF3010.U553, (exporters), current only
    Lists importers and exporters alphabetically, by product and geographically by state. Provides U.S. Customs Service and other how-to information, including banks and a directory of world ports.
  • A Basic Guide to Exporting. Novato, CA: World Trade Press. 2000.
    Bobst Ref6I HF1416.5.B37 2000.
    A guide to basic exporting procedures and techniques such as export strategy, market research, distribution channels, making contacts, selling overseas and more.

Section 7: Company Information

  • Please refer to the headings on this site for the type of comany information that is needed.
    NYU Virtual Business Library Company Database Listing
  • For additional assistance please review Research Guides #67 International Company and Industry Resources.
  • Million Dollar Directory International Directory type information including sales, employees, type of ownership, biographical information on principle executives.
  • Mergent Online
    Financial filings, summary balance sheets and income statements, corporate histories, long term debt, bond ratings and more, for publicly held companies worldwide.
  • Thomson Research
    A comprehensive collection of critical company information and in-depth forecasts and analysis based upon research reports from over 980 of the world's leading firms and covering more than 30,000 companies worldwide.

Section 8: Advertising

  • Standard Directory of International Advertisers & Agencies. Wilmette IL: National Register Pub. Co. (annual).
    Bobst Ref6 Reference Desk HF5804.S73, current only.
    Lists advertisers and agencies. Arranged alphabetically by company name. Includes geographic index by country and product index based on SIC codes.
  • International Media Guides. Nashua, NH: IMG, Inc.
    Bobst Ref6 Index Table F
    Directories of foreign magazines and newspapers, with information on circulation and advertising rates. Three Business/Professional volumes cover Europe, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East/Africa and the Americas. Arranged by subject category, then by country, with a title index. Also, Newspapers Worldwide and Consumer Magazines Worldwide.

Librarian for International Business

Mary Jean Pavelsek
Librarian for International Business
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