Call Number Location Chart

Call numbers identify the physical location of an item in the collection.


The chart shows where each letter is shelved in Bobst Library. Click on the floor links to get a map of the floor and call number locations on that floor, and the subject area of the Call Number.


NYU Libraries use the Library of Congress system, in which the call number always begins with a letter of the alphabet (The letter broadly identifies the item's subject matter).


Important note: In January 2016, some 7th floor collections are being moved to 9th floor, and collections on the 8th floor are being moved to new locations on the 8th floor. If you need help finding material, request a search.





*All oversized books are housed on the same floor as their regular-sized counterparts except on the 4th floor (oversized A-C) and on the 6th floor (oversized D-F).



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