AFC Room Scheduling

The three Avery Fisher Center classrooms (Avery, East, and West) are available to library staff for meetings, instructional sessions, and other professional events.


TO SCHEDULE A CLASSROOM (for library staff only).

You can use Google Calendar to make reservations, by following these steps:

Step 1. Open Google Calendar.

Step 2. Click CREATE EVENT.

Step 3. In the ADD box, click ROOMS, ETC.

Step 4. Scroll down and find LIBRARIES.

Step 5. Click the [+], and select the room: 

      1. AFC Avery
      2. AFC East
      3. AFC West

Step 6 (Optional). In the ADD box, click GUESTS, and add their emails.

Step 7. Enter the TITLE, DATE, TIME, (and optionally, a Description).

 IMPORTANT: Please check the AFC hours of operation to avoid scheduling at a time when we are closed. Google Calendar does not automatically know our hours.

Step 8. SAVE.

 If you have questions or problems with room scheduling, please call the Avery Fisher Center (998-2585), and ask to speak with a full-time staff member.

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