Visitors' Policies

Bobst Library is primarily for use by students, faculty, staff and other members of the New York University community. Researchers and scholars not affiliated with New York University, however, may utilize the library's collections under the guidelines set forth below.


It is essential for visitors seeking a pass to the library to bring appropriate photo ID.




The library reserves the right to restrict or modify guest access during times of peak library use or enhanced security.
From 1am until 7am, access to the study areas on LL1 & LL2 is restricted. Only users with after hours access can remain on those levels. Users without after hours access will be expected to leave Bobst Library at 1am. (see Privileges Guide)


Consortium Libraries

Faculty and matriculating students of The New School and Cooper Union are allowed access to Bobst Library upon presentation of their valid university photo ID. In accordance with our consortium agreement, faculty and students who are not in degree-granting programs, and non-professional staff members from these institutions, do not have library privileges at Bobst.

Faculty, students, and staff of Hebrew Union College and New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) are also allowed library privileges at Bobst.


Faculty, students, and professional staff at SHARES member institutions, outside the New York metropolitan region, are allowed reading privileges upon presentation of their valid school identification. Valid institutional ID must be presented at the Library Privileges service window to obtain a semester-long access pass. Hours

Note: Faculty, students, and staff at SHARES institutions within the New York metropolitan area must provide a METRO referral card for access to Bobst, unless their institution is covered by a special agreement with NYU.

METRO Title Referrals

The New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency (METRO) offers a referral service to many area libraries. Individuals may be referred by participating METRO libraries to other METRO libraries if a particular item is not available in either the "home" library or the public library systems. Upon verification of a title's availability, a librarian at a METRO library may issue a yellow METRO Title Referral card, which will allow an individual a one-time only visit to a library to use the specified item in that library. The Title Referral is not intended for general use of a library's collections or services. Photo ID must be presented at the Library Privileges service window to obtain an access pass. Hours

METRO passes can be issued for offsite materials. The referring librarian should call the Library Privileges Service Window, 212.998.2607, to request offsite materials. Requested items will be available behind the circulation desk within 2 business days. Up to 12 title referrals will be accepted from each individual per semester.

NYU Alumni

Upon presentation of a NYU Alumni card and a photo ID, an individual will be allowed access for one visit to Bobst Library. Access passes are issued from the Library Privileges window in the lobby of Bobst during hours of operation.

For additional access, alumni may join the Friends of Bobst Library program at a reduced rate.


NYU-SPS Degree Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate students, and students who have declared themselves a candidate for a Professional Certificate have access to Bobst library with privileges. Individuals are issued an NYU ID card which grants swipe access into Bobst Library.


Non-Degree Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate students are issued a Building Access Pass that provides access to classroom buildings. The Building Access Pass grants access to Bobst only if the assigned room for the course is in Bobst Library and only during regularly scheduled class time.


Friends of Bobst Library

NYU alumni, neighborhood residents, and members of the public can gain access to the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library by making a 100% tax-deductible gift to join Friends of Bobst Library. For information on giving levels and benefits, please visit

Friends of Bobst Library members are obligated to follow all library policies, including the library conduct code.

Visiting Faculty

Faculty from other universities, upon presentation of valid university identification, will be granted one-day courtesy reading privileges. Access passes are issued from the Library Privileges window in the lobby of Bobst during hours of operation.

Scholars who are engaged in research in affiliation with an NYU academic department or school but do not have an NYU ID should consult their NYU department or school to request extended library privileges. Information for NYU Departments sponsoring visitors

NYU Student Guest Policy

Full time NYU students in degree-granting programs may accompany a limited number of guests to the library. This program allows NYU students to bring a guest to the library for collaborative study, and is not designed to accommodate visitor use of library collections or equipment.

  • All guests must be personally accompanied by a host student. The host student must present their valid NYU ID card.
  • A student may bring in a maximum of two guests per calendar month, and may bring both guests on the same day.
  • Library guests will be issued an entry pass twice per calendar month, whether with the same or different hosts.  Access passes are  issued from the Library Privileges window in the lobby of Bobst durring hours of operation.
  • All guests must be over 16 years of age (photo ID and proof of age required).

NYU Student Family Entrance Policy

Family of NYU students are not granted use of the library, but NYU students may bring their parents into the library for a tour, and/or may bring their young children into the library if the children are constantly supervised and do not create a disturbance.

NYU Faculty/Administrator Guest Policy

NYU faculty and NYU administrators are permitted to bring a limited number of guests to Bobst Library. This program allows faculty to use Bobst as a locale to collaborate with colleagues, and is not designed to accommodate extensive visitor use of library collections or services. The host faculty member or administrator must present a current NYU ID card. Their guest must also present valid photo ID.

Immediate family, including domestic partners, of NYU administrators, faculty and staff are eligible to register for an NYU identification card, which will allow library privileges. NYU personnel may obtain ID registration forms for their immediate family, domestic partners and children of a partner, from their respective schools.

Special Collections, United States Documents and United Nations Collections

Bobst Library’s special collections are available to qualified researchers upon presentation of valid photo ID. These include the Fales Library of American and English Literature, Tamiment Library/Wagner Labor Archives, and New York University Archives. The United States and United Nations Documents collections are available for public use. The Library Privileges staff issues passes for use of these collections up to 45 minutes before the collection is scheduled to close. Please inquire at the Library Privileges window in the lobby of Bobst Library during hours of operation.

Selected List of Libraries in New York City Open to the Public

  • New York Public Library/The Research Libraries (a scholarly, university level collection open to the public)
    • The Research Library* - 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, (212) 930-0830
    • Library of the Performing Arts - 111 Amsterdam Avenue (Lincoln Center), (212) 870-1630
    • Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture - 515 Malcolm X Blvd., (212) 491-2200
  • New York Public Library/The Branch Library System
    • Donnell Library Center (notable children’s literature and media center) - 20 W. 53rd Street, (212) 621-0618
    • Jefferson Market (nearest neighborhood library) - 425 6th Avenue (at 12th Street), (212) 243-4334
    • Mid-Manhattan* (circulating college level collection) - 455 5th Avenue, (212) 340-0833
  • Brooklyn Public Library
    • Business Library - 280 Cadman Plaza West, (718) 722-3333
  • New York Academy of Medicine Library - 2 East 103rd Street, (212) 876-8200 x320

* Consult the reference departments in these libraries for referral to other collections in the metropolitan area.


Contact the Library Privileges service window during our scheduled hours at 212-998-2550, or use our Contact Access Services form to submit your question online.

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