Metro Referrals

The New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency (METRO) offers a referral service to many area libraries. Individuals may be referred by participating METRO libraries to other METRO libraries if particular items are not available in either the "home" library or the public library systems. Upon verification of a title's availability, a librarian at a METRO library may issue a METRO referral card which will allow an individual a one-time-only visit to a library to use the specified item in that library. The referral is not intended for general use of a library's collections or services.

NYU library users needing access to items not available at Bobst MAY request a METRO referral card at the Bobst Library Reference Center (1st floor).

Bobst Library participates in the METRO Referral program, providing and honoring title referrals for items NOT available in the public library system. To use an item only available at Bobst Library, please obtain a METRO Referral card at your home library or at the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue. Up to 12 title referrals will be accepted from each individual per semester.

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